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Four Reasons Cabo San Lucas is Our Favorite Vacation Spot

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Cabo villa rentals

When you are looking for place to have an incredible experience for your next vacation, there is no limit to your options. You’ll find once-in-a-lifetime experiences across the globe. Relax in the hot springs of Iceland. Enjoy a latte at a sidewalk cafe with a view of the Eiffel. Take a safari across the jungles of South Africa. Or dig your toes in the warm white sand of Cabo San Lucas.

While your choices are plentiful, making Cabo San Lucas the destination of your next vacation is a choice you’ll never regret. Cabo San Lucas vacations rank high in popularity of tourists from every demographic and walk of life because its beautiful temperate weather a

The Honest Pros and Cons to Using a Charter Service

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Charter plane services

Charter plane services just sound expensive. Especially if you are trying to get a private airplane charter. Chances are, you’ve never really looked into it before because it just seems like it would cost a fortune to be able to experience something like that. It’s only for rich people, right? That may be what you think but this isn’t always the case. You may be surprised to find that charter plane services can be quite affordable. Even private charter jets don’t have to clear out the bank account. However, price shouldn’t be the only thing that you look into when deciding whether to fly commercial or charter. There are some other things that you should take in consideration before

Three Great Tips For Traveling In Style

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Newark airport express shuttle

One of the greatest joys are those of travel — indeed, seeing new places and experiencing new things far from home can be thrilling, educational and can even change your perspective for good.

Many people opt for the American classic method of the road trip, but despite the traditional appeal of long hours behind the wheel, easier alternatives and the green movement are quickly driving it out of style.

Luckily, there are several other viable options. Air travel, for one, is particularly popular — there are national airports located in 31 states, and at least 33% of domestic business trips included air travel. And all airports offer airport shuttles and shuttle services to and from hotels and main through-ways in the city you plan on visiting.

You are probably familiar with at

Fly Away From Your Troubles When You Charter a Private Jet

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Empty leg private jet

Who can resist the feeling or freedom and luxury when you charter a private jet? It is the ultimate as a marker of success and wealth, right next to owning a yacht!

Travel is a big part of life now, it is so important to be able to get from here to there. The world is a smaller place and people expect and need to go across town or across the country for work and for play.

How can a person travel without going by air? It is fast. Other options are to drive or take the bus or train. Driving to your destination, whether by car or bus, is slow and so dependent on the weather. Train travel can be fast but has far fewer options for destinations, especially without multiple stops and changes.

Air travel is by far the most convenient, especially for those on work related

When Was the Last TIme Yo Went Camping?

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Camp ground

The weekend at the lake in South Dakota is still one of your family’s favorite memories. While most of the people who came for the 25th wedding anniversary celebration stayed at nearby hotels or cabins at the lake, your two daughters really wanted the option of tent camping in the space next to the cabins. Eve when it rained the first of the three night that you spent in the tent, the girls refused to go inside. They were staying dry and it seemed like a great adventure to them. Who knew that giving them the opportunity for tent camping in a rainstorm would create memories that your family would still be talking about some 15 years later?
It is sometimes surprising the things that can make memories. When you are in

The Perfect Transportation For Your Off-Season Wedding

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San diego christmas lights tour

How will guests arrive to your wedding? The coldest months of the year — January, February, and March — are also the least expensive months to book a wedding, according to The Knot. Couples planning to take advantage of the low-cost season, however, need to be especially mindful of their wedding party and guests. It is often burdensome and unsafe to travel through snow, and slow traffic may delay important preparations for the wedding.

There is a simple — and cost-effective — solution. Newly weds can make plans to transport the wedding party in a safe and timely fashion with cheap party bus rentals. Here are a few things to expect:

All of the Amenities and Class of a Stretch Limo, And More

From the outside, most limo and party bus rentals resemble simple charter

TIps For Finding Vacation Rental Homes

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Summer vacation rentals

One of the best ways to get away from the stress and mundaneness of life is to take a vacation. And there are few better ways to enjoy a vacation than through living in homes for vacation rentals. People can find vacation rental homes in a bevy of different locations. For example, there are vacation rentals on the beach in many beach-front cities.

However, it is important to consider vacation rental tips. For example, finding vacation rental deals can help to save a great deal of money. When you are living somewhere comfortable on vacation, you are more likely to have a good time and when you save money on vacation you are more likely to have a good time. Therefore, saving money while living comfortably is a perfect formula

What Are the Best Foods in Liberia, and Where Can You Find Them?

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Paradise resort

After emerging as a stronger, more democratic country following decades of war, the West African gem of Liberia is thriving as a tourist destination. Now home to a small selection of holiday villas, many of which are beautiful beach resorts, many thousands flock to the Liberian capital of Monrovia every year, feeding more than $230 million into the nation’s economy annually, according to Index Mundi.

For many, the only thing this African paradise bordered by the Atlantic ocean needs is holiday villas that will let them soak up the rays as they lay on the beach. Others seek adventure in the Land of the Free, trekking through the 40% of the country that is covered by unspoiled rainforest. Wheth

Six Pieces of British Slang to Help You in London

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Best hotels

As the nearly 20 million people who have visited London in 2013, estimated by the London Plan, have doubtlessly found, there are serious differences between the way English is spoken in the United Kingdom and the way it’s spoken in North America. Certain words that are considered extremely offensive in the States, for example, are used to mean completely innocuous things across the British Isles, and vice versa.

Whether you’re trying to book hotel reservations or you’re simply trying to have a fun night out at one of London’s pubs near its best hotels, knowing the city’s slang can be the difference between making friends or getting in bar fights, finding your way around t

Take Your Own Versions of Famous Album Covers when You Visit London

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Budget hotels

When many people think of London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom, they think of history. Consider, the first London coffee shop, called Pasqua Rosee’s, was opened in London Town in 1652. Westminster Abbey was built in the late 10th century and is still standing stall over 1,000 years later. Yes, for the lover of history, the Big Smoke is something of a treasure trove.

For many of the city’s 30 million annual visitors, as estimated by the London Plan, it’s the city’s far more recent history that makes it interesting. A visit to Kings Cross hotels puts tourists in touch with the charm of Harry Potter. Doctor Who fans on family vacations can reenact some of the long-running series’ most famous scenes. However, the city’s musical history is also a considerable part of its charm and, no doubt, a con