Planning a Vacation to Alaska

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The American state of Alaska was one of the last to join the Union, and despite its cold tundra, this enormous state has proven itself to be a popular destination for American vacations and even weddings. While Alaska cannot offer the warm beaches or oceans of Florida, California, or Hawaii, this state is still one of the most popular in the Union for vacations and weddings alike, and an Alaska glacier wedding can be a great place for a summer outdoor wedding for those with a taste in adventure and exotic lands. What else might a guest expect to find in this frozen state?

Vacations Today

To escape the tedium and stress of work and everyday life, many Americans take vacations every year, and they often travel to places further away than 50 miles from where they live, taking plans, trains, and buses to all sorts of destinations. Hawaii, Florida, and California are among the most popular places to visit due to sunny beaches, local cuisine and culture, and more, but for those