Are You Planning an Upcoming Alaskan Vacation?

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You never really intended to dodge traffic so you could hold a hockey puck for the first time in my life, but there you were, in the middle of a busy street. Two 20-something guys were playing in an outdoor rink and a bad hit sent the puck flying either over or through the fence. When you gestured that you would go get it, however, the players proclaimed that “awesome” for retrieving it so they did not have to take off their skates to get it. What was not so awesome was your first attempt to throw the puck over the fence. You actually had a mental picture of Don Rickles calling you “hockey puck” for the poor attempt.
Things are a little different in Alaska, so whether you are visiting or living the largest of the states it is important to adjust. Whether it is a street hockey game that you come across on the way home from work during the limited hours of daylight in winter or it is a trip to Halibut Cove Alaska, there are many times when the experiences that you see are pretty uniq