How to Repair a House to Turn Into an AirBnB

Do you have a house you’d want to turn into an Airbnb? Performing repairs before doing so is a good idea. You want to work on every detail, so your property stays competitive. Here are some tips on how to repair a house and convert your spaces for paying guests.

1. Windows and Doors

A strong door is a statement to the guests on the quality of the house. Doors that make squeaking noises when opened or closed can be a nuisance to all who access the house. If the doors are sticky, it’s probably due to poor workmanship and high humidity.

So, as you think of how to repair a house, pay attention to the doors. First, close the door while observing it to spot any anomalies in the binding point. If you notice a gap between the frame and the door, the hinges need adjustment.

Inspect the door frame’s alignment. You can check this with a carpenter’s square. Look for loose screws on the door and the frame for poorly adjusted hinges. Then, replace loose screws with longer ones of the same head size.

Windows are an important part of the house and play the role of lighting up the space while providing privacy to the occupants. Engage a local window repair company to install energy-efficient windows on your property. A damaged window can cost you high energy bills as more heat is lost through the cracked or broken parts.

Note that having a broken window means repairing several things, such as the glass, sill, frame, or replacing the entire window. You’ll need to purchase the different materials used in windows. When you visit the bulk windows and door store, your window technician can advise on the most appropriate materials to buy.

2. Indoor Warmth

The most popular home heating systems are boilers, also known as furnaces. They move heated air using ducts, warming the entire house. The boiler heats the water, generating the steam which gives heat.

If you live in the northeastern region, you certainly rely on heating oil to keep your home warm during the cold months of winter. For your home heating oil supply, you must entrust its delivery to a reputable and reliable oil delivery company. Do an internet search for heating oil companies available in your location.

You’ll want to narrow your search by reading the reviews of the various oil delivery services. Where you find impressive positive reviews, especially on professionalism, pricing, and technical expertise, dig deeper. As part of how to repair a house, the oil delivery technicians must include checking your home’s system to ensure it’s working to perfection.

Talk to your neighbors about their oil delivery service. They’ll likely give honest reviews about a company and recommend their preferred choices to you. Call them to understand their oil delivery options when you settle on the delivery company.

Some heating oil companies have on-demand delivery plans, while others provide automatic delivery services. The on-demand delivery model will require placing orders whenever your oil is running low. The automatic delivery plan allows the company to analyze your HVAC system and usage patterns.

Through data, they can deliver more oil by the time your oil is running low. Each delivery plan has its benefits. Ensure your company will honor your preferred delivery method depending on your delivery preference.

3. Save Money By Insulating The House

When you insulate your house, you’ll have more control over your heating and cooling bills. Home insulation helps save on energy use and gives your HVAC a break. It also keeps your home comfortable and protected from the elements during extreme weather.

All types of insulation reduce the heat transfer in and out of the house because of the air pockets that reduce the movement of heat. In your how to repair a house efforts, your local technician will advise on the materials to use in different rooms of your home to reduce energy costs.

Add insulation between the beams and rafters of the roof to improve overall insulation. This is the perfect place for heat to escape during cold winter seasons. It’s also the same for cooler air escaping in the summer. Fill insulation into the gaps between the attic floor joists.

The exterior walls are a big source of heat transfer, but insulation will stem this loss. Adding wall insulation in an existing home may take more work, unlike when it’s done during a new construction, but it’s worth it.

Insulate your basement and foundation to keep heat inside during colder months. During winter, the basement feels cooler than the upper floors. Adding more insulation to unfinished basements is a good idea and will bring consistency and comfort in indoor temperatures.

4. Pet Care

Your Airbnb guests may patronize your property with their pets. Providing pet-friendly facilities can get you positive reviews from customers. If your property will allow pets, you can charge an extra cost to cover additional cleaning services for the animal.

Pest control should be a constant exercise on your property. Pests and insects can enter buildings and build their nests in hard-to-reach spots. A professional pest control service provider will inspect your home’s insect problem and recommend a solution.

They’ll then eliminate the pests using an environmentally friendly method. After, the expert will recommend effective and long-lasting pest control methods for your home. This will be useful in preventing future pest infestations, giving you peace of mind.

Call an animal control company if your house is located near a forest or where wild animals are invading your property. Professional technicians can safely remove animals such as raccoons. They will advise on the changes you can make, such as cutting tree limbs from your roof to limit any factors that attract pests to your home.

Use plastic pipes and metal collars to prevent squirrels from climbing the building. A technician can safely remove bird nests from your roof and trees. They can recommend barriers and modifications to your home, such as putting nets to eliminate their access to loafing areas.

Install a bird slide to keep birds off the ledges, and cap the chimney to prevent entry into the house. Another tip on how to repair a house is to replace window screens, fill in any cracks, and close gaps under porches to ward off snakes. A wildlife control professional will give you custom solutions for your house.

A trained specialist will identify their entry points if your house is prone to rat infestation. He will modify your house with sealants, wire mesh, and other barriers to keep the pests out. The long-term relief from the rat menace must include addressing the reasons behind their infestation.

5. Seal The Leaks

Your Airbnb unit will attract reviews depending on the experiences your guests have. Cleanliness, fresh ambiance, and seamless service will give you positive ratings. The efficiency of a plumbing system will always be felt even if pipes are mostly hidden from view.

A damaged and clogged sewer line means pungent smells and expensive repairs. Regular cleaning of the sewer line will prevent blockage due to debris buildup. Licensed plumbing contractors can inspect and thoroughly clean the sewer line to ensure proper functioning.

Bathrooms are getting more sophisticated, featuring impressive tub and shower choices for users. The design of faucets, complex steam systems, and spa-like water jets all need expert maintenance to stay functional. An experienced technician can give your bathroom the replacements and plumbing installations needed, including repairing the sinks and fixing leaking pipes.

A dripping faucet is irritating. Worse is that it wastes a lot of water if left unfixed. According to City of Davision, a slow leak can waste up to 20 gallons of water daily, totaling high water bills when it’s time to pay. As you plan how to repair a house, deal with the water wastage by changing the faucets if they are not repairable.

There is nothing more annoying than a blocked toilet. Yet it can happen when you’re about to host guests in your Airbnb. Technicians will first use their expert knowledge to diagnose the problems. For complete toilet repairs, they must use the right tools to fix the problem and put preventive measures to stop a similar occurrence in the future.


Inspect the HVAC system before getting guests to your property. A professional can detect the anomalies and fix them when on routine maintenance. A routine service should be done every season to reduce the chances of sudden failures.

A properly functioning HVAC improves the house’s air quality and reduces overall utility costs. As part of how to repair a house, do them as early as possible. It’s cheaper, and you avoid costly unit replacement. This allows your heating and cooling system to serve your house for years.

A properly maintained HVAC system saves you up to 30% in your energy bills, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. A reputable heating contractor will offer you warrantied work when they come to your house. Do your due diligence by researching the technicians in your location before settling to work with any.

7. Clean Up All Waste

Hire a cleaning company to thoroughly wash the house. The cleaners must be licensed and be in a professional organization as part of proof that they’re a serious company. When searching for a cleaning service, find out whether they have workman’s compensation insurance for their crew.

As your requirements for how to repair a house, inspect the tools and equipment the cleaners will use. Do they have vacuum cleaning machines? How will they dust and mop? What tools will they use on the windows and other hard-to-reach places?

Find out whether they can handle asbestos clean up and disposal. Ensure you understand how they will handle cleaning each room in your Airbnb property. An expert cleaning company will use unique techniques for bedrooms, bathrooms, and others.

8. The Cesspool

In some homes, a cesspool is responsible for handling wastewater. The cesspool is a shallow underground system made of a concrete cylinder with an open bottom. Waste water from sinks, washing machines, and toilets enters the cesspool and then leaves through its perforated sides.

Pump out the cesspool as your part of how to repair a house efforts. Adopt a cesspool maintenance routine of pumping it empty every two to four years. Annual pumping is recommended for smaller tanks if they’re used heavily. Avoid driving over the cesspool, as this will destroy its walls or roof, releasing the raw sewage into the yard.

9. Landscaping

An attractive, well-maintained yard can increase your home’s curb appeal and value. It would help to have a lawn care professional who understands your landscape’s needs. Trying to figure out where to start with the landscaping on your own can overwhelm you.

Search online for a reliable landscaping company in your location. Ask neighbors and friends for some referrals in your how to repair a house quest. You want to engage a company that uses high-quality, professional-grade products and whose services are more cost-effective than most DIY methods

For your Airbnb property to look good throughout the seasons, you need landscape maintenance services. Professional landscapers will create a beautiful and functional landscape design for your yard. They’re best placed to choose plants and trees suited to your region.

A licensed company with lawn maintenance landscaping contractors will bring their science-driven expertise to ensure healthy plant growth and protection for lawn care and outdoor needs. They can also schedule regular maintenance of your yard to ensure the best outcome for your outdoors.

10. Regular Air Conditioning Service

You can extend the lifespan of your residential air conditioning systems through regular air conditioning service. This way, your guests will enjoy good air quality, and you’ll get more value for your investment. Do not wait for your AC to warn you; this may be a little late.

Watch for common warning signs that your AC needs a check. These include insufficient air flow, water leaks, bad odor, and warm air blowing from vents. Allergens and mold can get in a residential AC and spread throughout the house.

Have a professional air conditioning repair company visit your Airbnb property. They will conduct an indoor air quality test as part of how to repair a house. They should alert you to any potential issues and address any repair needs.

These are basic pointers to start your home renovation journey. They may not be exhaustive, but they’ll help your home meet the standards to host a world-class Airbnb guest. Your part is to actualize these plans and turn them into reality.

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