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Fly Away From Your Troubles When You Charter a Private Jet

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Empty leg private jet

Who can resist the feeling or freedom and luxury when you charter a private jet? It is the ultimate as a marker of success and wealth, right next to owning a yacht!

Travel is a big part of life now, it is so important to be able to get from here to there. The world is a smaller place and people expect and need to go across town or across the country for work and for play.

How can a person travel without going by air? It is fast. Other options are to drive or take the bus or train. Driving to your destination, whether by car or bus, is slow and so dependent on the weather. Train travel can be fast but has far fewer options for destinations, especially without multiple stops and changes.

Air travel is by far the most convenient, especially for those on work related

When Was the Last TIme Yo Went Camping?

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Camp ground

The weekend at the lake in South Dakota is still one of your family’s favorite memories. While most of the people who came for the 25th wedding anniversary celebration stayed at nearby hotels or cabins at the lake, your two daughters really wanted the option of tent camping in the space next to the cabins. Eve when it rained the first of the three night that you spent in the tent, the girls refused to go inside. They were staying dry and it seemed like a great adventure to them. Who knew that giving them the opportunity for tent camping in a rainstorm would create memories that your family would still be talking about some 15 years later?
It is sometimes surprising the things that can make memories. When you are in