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Research Costs, Attractions, and Languages to Improve Your European Vacation

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Europe is one of the most thriving tourist destinations in the world. Especially for those countries who are part of the European Union, like France, Italy, and the United Kingdom, tourism is a vital source of income. Consider, in England alone, tourists generate £96.7 billion. According to USA Today, France is the most popular tourist destination in the world, both for European vacations and overall. In fact, 76 million people visit the country every year. Italy, with the Vatican, comes close with 60 million annual tourists, according to

If you’re planning to go on a European holiday excursion, there are some things you should consider. Afte

Traveling to London for Holiday? Find Holiday Deals

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For many, London is one of the most beautiful places to be for the holidays. The snow falling over Big Ben, crystalline accents painting Baker Street exactly as it would have been in Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes books; the city on holiday is evocative of times past. It’s 19th century beauty brought forward into the modern age. That may be why, as London Loves Business predicts, the city’s hospitality industry will grow by 1.8% this year.

20 million people visit London every year, generating nearly £15 million, $24 million, in revenue for the economy. However, as airfare prices have increased with larger fuel costs and extra fees, both hidden and plain to see, traveling to London Town, whether to see the beautiful Museum of London or to have the Doctor Who Experience, has become more diff