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What Are the Best Foods in Liberia, and Where Can You Find Them?

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After emerging as a stronger, more democratic country following decades of war, the West African gem of Liberia is thriving as a tourist destination. Now home to a small selection of holiday villas, many of which are beautiful beach resorts, many thousands flock to the Liberian capital of Monrovia every year, feeding more than $230 million into the nation’s economy annually, according to Index Mundi.

For many, the only thing this African paradise bordered by the Atlantic ocean needs is holiday villas that will let them soak up the rays as they lay on the beach. Others seek adventure in the Land of the Free, trekking through the 40% of the country that is covered by unspoiled rainforest. Wheth

Six Pieces of British Slang to Help You in London

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As the nearly 20 million people who have visited London in 2013, estimated by the London Plan, have doubtlessly found, there are serious differences between the way English is spoken in the United Kingdom and the way it’s spoken in North America. Certain words that are considered extremely offensive in the States, for example, are used to mean completely innocuous things across the British Isles, and vice versa.

Whether you’re trying to book hotel reservations or you’re simply trying to have a fun night out at one of London’s pubs near its best hotels, knowing the city’s slang can be the difference between making friends or getting in bar fights, finding your way around t

Take Your Own Versions of Famous Album Covers when You Visit London

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When many people think of London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom, they think of history. Consider, the first London coffee shop, called Pasqua Rosee’s, was opened in London Town in 1652. Westminster Abbey was built in the late 10th century and is still standing stall over 1,000 years later. Yes, for the lover of history, the Big Smoke is something of a treasure trove.

For many of the city’s 30 million annual visitors, as estimated by the London Plan, it’s the city’s far more recent history that makes it interesting. A visit to Kings Cross hotels puts tourists in touch with the charm of Harry Potter. Doctor Who fans on family vacations can reenact some of the long-running series’ most famous scenes. However, the city’s musical history is also a considerable part of its charm and, no doubt, a con