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5 Reasons to Utilize Bus Travel with Tour Groups

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Chartering a bus

Everyone looks forward to an upcoming vacation. Many people have been working for a while and are ready for a break. There are many great destinations that you can get to with bus travel. It’s common for someone to want to take a few friends with them. The thought of having to purchase expensive airplane tickets can make anyone want to stay at home. However, party buses for rent can provide your group with reliable transportation without the high costs associated with air travel. Here are five reasons to tour a city by bus.

  • No Waiting in Long Lines

    Not all forms of travel are equal. Many people dread making the drive to an airport. Having to wait in long lines with large groups of people isn’t the best way to start a trip. It’s common for a tour group to choose a Continue Reading No Comments

Family Vacation Times Help Parents Reconnect with Their Adult Children

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This has been a challenging summer. Although your older daughter, who is going to be a junior in college, enjoyed the fact that she stayed on campus this summer rather than coming home, you and your husband missed having her at home. And while your younger daughter has enjoyed her time in the sun when she gets to be more in control of the family’s schedule at home, she, too, is missing the times that she and her sister used to spend together. After a few lonely weeks as the summer comes to an end, you and your husband came up with the perfect way to reunite for the upcoming weekend. With reservations made at one of the nicest hotels at a warm weather family resort, you were able to convince both of your daughter’s to take a break f

Serious CEOs Charter a Private Jet

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Gulfstream executive charter

Business people who fly on commercial airlines report a 40% drop in productivity.Those seeking successful outcomes to their business trips prefer private flights. One reason is because smaller jets can fly higher and do not have to deal with other air traffic, making trips fast. Respondents to a 2009 survey stated that they are 20% more productive on a company aircraft than in the office.

A network of more than 5,000 airports in the United States service private jets, compared to only 550 used by commercial airports. America accounts for 49.7% of the private jet market. Europe comes in second at 20.8%. By 2011, 11,261 private jets were registered in the U.S. Private flights have definitely become more popular for the top 1% of the population.

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