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Four Ways Visiting a Hot Spring Improves Your Health

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The medical advancements that we’ve made in the last hundred years or so are incredible. Within the last century, we’ve nearly eradicated diseases that used be considered epidemics, such as Polio. We’ve discovered and developed antibiotics, which give us the ability to cure infections that used to end lives. We’ve found treatments from diseases like cancer and cardiac diseases, which give humans the greatest chance at long and healthy lives.

However, many medical interventions involve strong chemicals come with strong side effects that harm another part of our delicate organ system. On the other hand, the planet earth has been providing its own healing process since the beginning of time. One such naturally-occurring medicinal phenomenon are natural odorless hot springs. Hot springs are regul

Four Reasons Cabo San Lucas is Our Favorite Vacation Spot

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When you are looking for place to have an incredible experience for your next vacation, there is no limit to your options. You’ll find once-in-a-lifetime experiences across the globe. Relax in the hot springs of Iceland. Enjoy a latte at a sidewalk cafe with a view of the Eiffel. Take a safari across the jungles of South Africa. Or dig your toes in the warm white sand of Cabo San Lucas.

While your choices are plentiful, making Cabo San Lucas the destination of your next vacation is a choice you’ll never regret. Cabo San Lucas vacations rank high in popularity of tourists from every demographic and walk of life because its beautiful temperate weather a