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A Lack Of Vacation Time Can Hurt You In The Long Term Why You Should Start Planning Your 2018 Escape

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When’s the last time you went on vacation?

If you’re honestly not sure…it’s time to get serious about your work-life balance. Today’s working American is more stressed out than ever, with some of the highest rates of employment unhappiness sandwiched between rising incidents of depression and skyrocketing job burnout. Beach rentals are rising with the tide as more and more Americans start to consider the benefits of taking a week or two off somewhere beautiful. Your mental health will benefit, your emotional health will flourish and, most of all, you’ll gain wonderful memories to reflect on when you finally get back to the grind.

North Carolina is beautiful, charming and filled with more

Private Flights, Quotes, and Everything In Between

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Private jet

There are business owners across the planet that go out of their way to get a private flight quote for their companies trips. Now, more often than not, these business owners are people who run corporations or high-scale businesses. These types of lines of work will often involve the company traveling to conferences and that is why they want to look at private jets for their employees.

There are plenty of legitimate reasons as to why a business will fly on a private jet flight. First and foremost, respondents to a 2009 survey stated that they are 20%

5 Business Aviation Trends To Watch For In 2018

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charter a private jet


As international business trends continue to evolve, so will the aviation industry. Private jet travel has been a significant part of the executive experience for decades, but what does 2018 mean for these passengers? Currently, about 1.2 million Americans are employed by the business aviation industry, generating $150 billion in economic activity per year. And many of these professionals are creating a new and exciting business aviation landscape. The following are some of the trends that are coming out of this shift.

  1. Millennial Market: There is no longer a certain age group that wants to charter a private jet. Young executives are now setting their sights on private jet charter. This means that companies are shifting their marketing to these younger demographics, giving them a convenient and luxurious experience.
  2. Charter Over Ownership: Private aircraft ownership is no longer the most attractive option for every market. This is why the industry will likely see a stronger preference for charter. This option allows professionals to have the private jet experience without the responsibilities of ownership.
  3. Tech Communication: Apps and blockchain are becoming more popular in today’s interconnected landscape. And aviation companies are implementing technology like this into their communications. Whether interacting with customers or other business organizations, connection is becoming more efficient.
  4. Fleet Management: When companies do want to own aircrafts, it’s becoming essential to hire a fleet management company. This allows executives to have their pick of their aircrafts while trusting management to a professional aviation company.
  5. VIP Programs: What are the perks of being a VIP? Aviation companies are creating more incentive to their frequent flyers, offering first picks on fleet options when they charter a private jet, luxurious cabin experiences, and trip planning services. This creates both customer loyalty and a closer connection.

The future of business aviation will become more convenient and connected, allowing jet travel to be more efficient. This will make private aircraft travel more attractive to a wider demographic and create closer partnerships. While 2018 will be an impressive and exciting year for business aviation, the coming years can be even more so.

Five Reasons to Charter a Bus

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Motorcoach companies

Have you ever thought about charter bus travel as an alternative to taking a car? There are a lot of benefits to bus travel, and here are five of them you should know:

  1. Charter bus travel will save you and everyone else money If you?re trying to get everyone together for that family reunion, it can get really expensive really quickly to be flying or renting cars. The most economical choice is often to be found with motorcoach companies. They?re also an economical choice for companies that want to take a lot of employees somewhere but can?t ask each individual person to be spending the gas and wear and tear on their

Planning a Trip for Your Group? 6 Reasons to Rent a Charter Bus

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Chicago charter bus

If you are planning a trip for a group, you know how challenging it can be. Sometimes it can feel like herding cats. One of the first things you have to decide when you have a group traveling together is how everything is going to get where you need them to go. One option that is almost tailor made just for groups is the charter bus rental. Here are some reasons this may be the best way for your group to get from point A to B.

  1. It is a very cost effective way to go. When you rent a charter bus, you are getting a very cost effective way to go. It is much less expensive to have everyone hop on a charter bus than it is to take a plane or train. When you work out t

Top 3 Reasons We Need Entertainment Systems on Planes

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Ife screens

Millions of people travel by airplane every day. The majority of the travels are taking the trip for leisure, like a vacation. When you plan a vacation, it usually has to be done months in advance, at least if you are flying.

So you’re ready for vacation, and you have your itinerary all planned out for the trip. You’re all packed and ready to go. You make it to the airport, get through security, and board your plane in plenty of time. You’re in the seat that you will be stuck in for several hours. Now what? You didn’t plan on what to do on the plane like you did for your vacation.

What is there to do on an airplane? You’re sitting in the same place for hours on end. Many passengers rely on their devices for in-flight entertainment. A study conducted by Trip Advisor’s Air Travel Survey in 2013 reported

Three Ways Upgraded Technology Improve Airline Sales

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Faa certified repair station

Many businesses today are implementing advanced technology into their business plans for increased revenue. The aircraft industry is no different. You will notice that airline businesses are often the first to introduce new technology to their customers. Customers have come to expect this level of technology and it has proven successful in improving revenue in the following ways.

Increased ticket sales
When customers know that they are going to have all of the technological conveniences they require during travel, they are more likely to book with a specific airline company. Minimal expectations are also a factor, with WiFi being expected on most air flights. According to TripAdvisor?s 2013 Air Travel Survey, 25% of respondents would choose one airline over anoth

The Importance of Digital Marketing for Campsite Businesses

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Bed and breakfast website

Vacation and campground marketing is different from other types of marketing. You are attempting to reach a unique crowd, mostly families that are looking for upcoming vacation plans. In addition to reaching this unique market, you also have to encourage travelers to choose your cabins over other local campgrounds. These campground designs and marketing tips are sure to attract this type of customer and improve your overall camping guest counts.

Dedicate funds to a specific marketing budget

Campgrounds and vacation destinations are a business and require a specific marketing budget, just as any other business does. Generally speaking, the more money that you allocate to your marketing and campground design, the more re

When Was the Last Time That Your Family Took a Camping Trip Together?

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Camping in ontario

It is a little rainy tonight, but it is supposed to clear up for the weekend. In fact, by the time you leave for the family camping trip you are hoping that the sun will be shining and you will make sure that you will have a great time together. You have some board games and cards packed in case it is still raining first thing in the morning, but you have hikes and a few other outdoor adventures planned for the rest of the long weekend.
Family campgrounds are a great place to reconnect with your teenagers and young children. In fact, family campgrounds are in a variety of locations across the country and have a number of available activities. Early fall camping trips can be the perfect solution to the few we

Four Reasons Public Transportation are Taking Over Big Cities

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Motor coaches have reclining seats

Our world has evolved in terms of transportation over the last couple hundreds of years. Transportation was once considered a luxury and it has evolved today, into an expected amenity. Even the first forms of transportation, horse drawn buses of the 1820s were only for those that could afford it. Today, transportation is available to most people in the form of public transportation. Public transportation is also becoming the norm in bigger metropolitan cities for the following reasons.

Cost efficient method of travel
While owning a car is possible in some cities, it can also be very expensive. When you own your own vehicle, you have to factor in car payments, car maintenance, insurance, and fuel costs. This usually takes up to a third of your income. Althoug