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Farm vs Ranch What to Consider Before Buying Property

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Farm land

When it comes down to the survival of the human race, nothing is more important than food. Civilization as we know it today really didn?t develop until the introduction of agriculture and food production. Simply hunting and gathering wasn?t working out for large human populations then, and it certainly isn?t going to cut it now in the modern world.

From large Montana ranches to small family-owned farms, farms and ranches provide food for small communities and big cities alike. Running a farm or ranch is one of the oldest professi

Top 5 Reasons to Take a Family Camping Vacation

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More than 40 million Americans went on a camping trip in 2013. Were you one of them? If not, consider taking your family on a camping vacation this year! Camping is a great way to spend quality time with your family, get a healthy dose of fresh air, and give your children a lifelong love of the outdoors. Camping is also a versatile activity that?s accessible to everybody. Whether you?d rather stay in a comfortable cabin or explore wooded campgrounds and nature trails, there?s a style of camping to suit everyone. Here are five reasons to take a camping trip with your family soon.

Spending time in nature is healthy for adults and kids.
No matter how old or young you are, spending time outside in nature is one of the healthiest things you can do. Soaking in the natural beauty of the gre

Your Guide to Planning a Winning Football Road Trip

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Best charter bus companies

It might still be summer, but it in a just a few months the country will be gearing up for its second favorite pastime, football. If you are a college or professional football fan you are probably already getting ready for your fantasy league, while at the same time making football party plans. Many fanatics actually take trips to watch their favorite teams play by renting charter buses. There is nothing better than gathering with all your best friends to pile onto a charter bus to watch your favorite team hopefully come up with a victory. However, there are a couple of tips to keep in mind to ensure that your road trip doesn?t become a nightmare.

Does the Company Have a Clean Record

A quick search of the internet will come up with several horror stories in which char

Give Your Mental Health A Boost Take That Vacation

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Let’s talk about mental and emotional health. Much like your physical well-being, your mind and your heart can grow weary and sick over time due to exhausting work weeks. Just as you would take a bowl of hot chicken soup and some sleeping medicine for a cold, so would you take some time off to cure exhaustion, stress and loneliness. Vacation condo rentals are proving a highly effective way of shaving off the worst of emotional wear and tear due to their combination of smart locations, quality amenities and privacy. While hotels and motels are viable options, a condo offers you more than you’d ever find at a traditional bed-and-breakfast without digging too deep into your budget. Why don’t we take a look?

In Flight Entertainment Systems Beyond Simple Pleasures

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Airplane display

Flying has become a regular part of life for many people. While it’s true that some people still haven’t had their first flight, many find that flying is not only a necessity, but a choice preferable over all other forms of travel. In fact, some people regularly fly for work — sometimes on a weekly basis, or even every few days. Flying is not the scary thing it once was, but something as natural and normal as taking the bus — though much more efficient, of course. This regularity of flying doesn’t mean, however, that it’s as comfortable as it should be. Many frequent flyers complain of aches and pains, and of the cramped quarters they spend hours within. It’s a fact of life that not all of us can afford to upgrade to first class, but that doesn’t mean we should be uncomfortable. Flying shouldn’t be s

5 Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Best Vacation Rental

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So you have decided you want to head out on a vacation! You have planned out all of your activities, and now it is time to choose from all of the vacation rentals in the city. It can seem overwhelming, but with these tips you won’t have anything to worry about!

1. Use a reliable website

A good website can bring you listings that you may not have found in your own independent search. They will also prevent you from falling victim to a scam, as some consumers have been tricked into renting a property that didn’t exist or wasn’t available. A quality website will deter these horror stories from happening!

2. Decide what you are looking for

It will make your search easier if you figure out what vacation rentals you are looking for. Are you looking to rent

Top 6 Things to Do When in Myrtle Beach

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Myrtle beach condos for rent

You are headed to Myrtle Beach for a great vacation, and you are looking for some inspiration on what to do during your stay. Not to worry, here are the top six things to do on vacation in Myrtle Beach!

1. Head to the beach!

This may seem obvious, but there are so many miles of beach to take advantage of in this town! You can swim, relax on the sand, pack a picnic… the opportunities are endless! To get the full experience, choose from one of the many beach condos or oceanfront condos Myrtle Beach has to offer, you won’t have to go far to get to the water!

2. Broadway at the Beach

This is a great option with or without kids! They have amusement rides, many stores for shopping, theaters, nightlife, and best of all, fireworks! This is Myrtle Be

5 Beginners Mistakes to Avoid When Camping

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It is no secret that Americans love camping. In fact, 40.1 million Americans went camping in 2013. Of those campers, 186.7 miles was the average distance traveled to campground sites. While many people participate in camping, not all go about it correctly. To help you experience the best family vacation possible, consider these common mistakes some campers make.

Poor Attention to Plants
If you do not know how to spot poison oak, poisonous mushrooms, and other common plants, you could be in for serious trouble while camping. Some plants, depending on the time of year, can leave you with rashes all over your body. To avoid a situation like this, get a plant iden

You Should Go Camping This Summer, and Here are Four Reasons Why

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Camping a is a great way to take some time off from work, socialize with friends and family, and get out of the city for a while. Not only are you outside enjoying nature, but you’re saving money by ditching the big city dates and hotel fees. It’s great for spending quality time with good people, or simply being alone. But is camping good for you? Here are four reasons that may just convince you.

Physically Challenging

Not only do you have to face the challenges of pitching a tent and starting a cooking fire, you have to travel everywhere by foot. Say goodbye to that lovely hybrid car you just leased, because it’s all legwork from here. Camping

Make Your Family Camping Vacation Fantastic with These Tips

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Camping is a very popular activity in the United States. In 2014, more than 40 million (about 14% of the population) Americans took at least one camping trip with their friends and family. Almost all people who have gone camping say they will most likely do it again in the future. Approximately 99% of all campers say they will go camping again. There are a lot of reasons for this. It is an incredibly economical way to take a family on vacation. Taking your family to a camp resort will always be a more cost effective trip than staying in a hotel.

Get the Most from Your Camp Resort Vacation with These 6 Tips:

  1. Pick your accommodations based on what your group likes. Continue Reading No Comments