The Modern First-Class Airplane Travel Experience

Many who enjoy air travel have wondered about the luxury of a first-class flight. With their YouTube video, “Nine Hours on the World’s Best First-Class Flight,” Trek Trendy gives us the luxurious details. The video follows host Will as he and Millie enjoy one of the Singapore Suites while traveling by airplane from Frankfurt to New York City.

A Luxury Setting

There are only six Singapore Suites on each plane. Each passenger has a separate space.

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Once seated, the flight attendant offered Will champagne. After the plane took off, Will pivoted his lounge chair, so he could talk to Millie.

There’s a large TV screen where passengers watch movies or TV – and listen with first-class headphones. Dining options for the first meal included Lobster Thermidor. Between courses, passengers were offered fresh bread or caviar.

An Ornate Bathroom

The bathroom for Singapore Suites is ornate: with leather-bound toilet seats. Each passenger is offered a pair of Lalique pajamas, as well as a full amenity kit. While Will was in the bathroom, an attendant pulled out and prepared the suite’s beds. The beds were single style.

After a nap, Will freshened up and changed back into his clothes. As the plane landed, the beds retracted, and the passengers pivoted their seats back to the landing position. Both passengers deplaned in New York City, looking refreshed after their luxury flight.

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