Four Ways Visiting a Hot Spring Improves Your Health

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The medical advancements that we’ve made in the last hundred years or so are incredible. Within the last century, we’ve nearly eradicated diseases that used be considered epidemics, such as Polio. We’ve discovered and developed antibiotics, which give us the ability to cure infections that used to end lives. We’ve found treatments from diseases like cancer and cardiac diseases, which give humans the greatest chance at long and healthy lives.

However, many medical interventions involve strong chemicals come with strong side effects that harm another part of our delicate organ system. On the other hand, the planet earth has been providing its own healing process since the beginning of time. One such naturally-occurring medicinal phenomenon are natural odorless hot springs. Hot springs are regularly enjoyed for their leisure attributes, but they have also been used for their medical benefits for thousands of years. Visiting natural odorless hot springs is not just a thing you should do during a weekend away in fancy hotels or resorts. Natural odorless hot springs can actually be exactly what the doctor ordered, and your awesome weekend away will leave you in better health than you before you went.

Here are a few surprising health benefits to paying a visit to natural odorless hot springs:

  1. Hot springs contribute to improved healing.

    When you dip yourself in a natural hot spring, the water that you are immersing your body in contains a variety of unfiltered natural minerals. Many of them are rich in calcium and sodium bicarbonate, both very beneficial minerals in the healing process. As you relax in the natural odorless hot springs, your skin absorbs these minerals, and the heat increases the circulation of oxygen and nutrients throughout your blood vessels. Getting oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissues that regularly get lower blood flow is incredibly beneficial for healing. In fact, oxygen is one of the most important factors in your body’s ability to heal itself, and the increased heat is extremely beneficial in helping your body deliver oxygen to an injury.
  2. Hot springs contribute reduction of stress, and health risks related to it.

    Many health conditions are triggered through unhealthy levels of stress, from high blood pressure, to heart conditions, to sleep disorders. Relaxing in a naturally occurring hot spring is a great way to lower your stress levels and gain a more “Zen” outlook on life. Also, by relieving the tension throughout your body that is caused by stress, people who struggle to get the adequate amounts of sleep they need to remain healthy often experience an easier time falling asleep and getting much needed quality rest.
  3. Hot springs are the Earth’s natural pain reliever.

    There are several factors about relaxing in natural odorless hot springs that contributes to pain relief. The buoyancy and lack of gravity that your body experiences while being in a hot spring relieves pressure on your joints and is effective at reducing pain from arthritis and even Fibromyalgia. The heat also invigorates your muscles and eases symptoms such as chronic muscle tension. Additionally, the total body relaxation eases pain that comes from tension headaches or migraines.
  4. Hot springs contributes to improvement of skin conditions.

    The minerals found in natural odorless hot springs are incredibly effective at treating a a wide range of skin conditions. Hot springs often hold a high silica content; this naturally soothes dry and patchy skin, and creates smooth, moisturized, happy skin. The warm water in hot springs also has a high sulfur content that bubbles up from the earth’s core. Sulfur has been used for centuries to treat skin maladies such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. By soaking in a hot spring, the elevated temperatures invigorate the pores on the upper levels of epidermis, and the mineral-rich content of the water improves the look and feel of the skin, in addition to treating these common skin conditions.

Booking yourself a weekend getaway at a resort with access to mountain views and natural hot springs is nothing to whine about. We all love to pamper ourselves! However, sitting in a hot spring is more than just a luxurious outing. Hot springs supports your body’s ability to heal itself, helps relieve stress and anxiety, relives pain, and heals your skin.

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