Serious CEOs Charter a Private Jet

Gulfstream executive charter

Business people who fly on commercial airlines report a 40% drop in productivity.Those seeking successful outcomes to their business trips prefer private flights. One reason is because smaller jets can fly higher and do not have to deal with other air traffic, making trips fast. Respondents to a 2009 survey stated that they are 20% more productive on a company aircraft than in the office.

A network of more than 5,000 airports in the United States service private jets, compared to only 550 used by commercial airports. America accounts for 49.7% of the private jet market. Europe comes in second at 20.8%. By 2011, 11,261 private jets were registered in the U.S. Private flights have definitely become more popular for the top 1% of the population.

Chartering a gulfstream private jet has never been easier. The leading provider of online solutions for air charter professionals makes it fast and easy. The seel charter trips 24/7. Around 1.2 million Americans are employed by the business aviation industry. It generates $150 billion i economic activity a year. To charter a Gulfstream V from NYC to San Francisco for a weekend cost $105,711.17. The online charter marketing industry makes it convenient and easy to make changes on the go for the client.

Out of business aircraft passengers, only 22% are top management, 50% are other managers, and 20% are technical, sales or service staff. One third of all business aircraft flights are into a secondary smaller airport, while 19% of flights are into large commercial airports.

For most VIPs and top business executives, private plane charters are their only consideration. They cannot waste time or be exposed to the general public when on a serious mission. Frequent flyers can use the same online service to become familiar with their needs and to be there whenever they are needed. Private flights help the client to be relaxed and better prepared for their big meetings or performance.

Executive assistants cannot risk delays or their jobs when they are being depended on for outstanding performance. Serious CEOs will charter a private jet to get ahead of their competitors. It makes great business sense to use the very best service that is available.

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