5 Beginners Mistakes to Avoid When Camping

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It is no secret that Americans love camping. In fact, 40.1 million Americans went camping in 2013. Of those campers, 186.7 miles was the average distance traveled to campground sites. While many people participate in camping, not all go about it correctly. To help you experience the best family vacation possible, consider these common mistakes some campers make.

Poor Attention to Plants
If you do not know how to spot poison oak, poisonous mushrooms, and other common plants, you could be in for serious trouble while camping. Some plants, depending on the time of year, can leave you with rashes all over your body. To avoid a situation like this, get a plant identification guide online and bring it with you while camping.

Not Creating a List
It is no secret that planning a family vacation requires many things. The best way to organize your thoughts and needs is to make a list. While your list may become lengthy fairly quickly, you do not want to leave anything out.

To make the process easier, break up your list into sections. Keep the must-have items in one section, food in another, or separate your list in a way that makes sense to you.

Ignoring Wildlife
Just because you are cabin camping for your family vacation does not mean animals are no longer a threat. Keep in mind that you are still in the woods and that wildlife is all around.

Make sure to close all doors and windows at night or when you are not in your cabin. Dispose of your trash safely and educate yourself on what to do in the case that you do encounter a wild animal.

Wearing the Wrong Clothes
Remember that even although vacation cabins offer many amenities, it is still important to wear proper clothing when leaving the cabin. It is recommended to pack a pair of sneakers and possibly a pair of sandals, but shoes that are meant for fashion should be left at home. Wear layers and always keep in mind that you can get dirty from outdoor activities.

Forgetting to Have Fun
The whole point of going on a family vacation and cabin camping in Ohio is to have fun. While many things may have to be done at the start of your trip, they do not have to take up too much time. Understand that while you may have some of the same amenities as you would at home, appreciate the time you have to spend with your family and make the most of it.

Now that you know how to avoid some of the common mistakes made by campers who choose family cabin camping, you can join the 99% of campers who said they enjoyed the activity. Participate in outdoor activities and other fun with the ones you love in a unique way.

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