Are You Searching for a More Comfortable, Convenient, and Productive Means of Travel? Experience Private Jet Charters

Private jet flight

There are several benefits to booking private jet charters as opposed to traveling by commercial airlines. In addition to being more comfortable than their commercial counterparts, private jet flights are much more convenient. Since jet charters have access to additional airports and can fly higher than commercial airplanes, travel time can often be reduced. Another welcome benefit is that staff productivity also tends to increase when traveling together in a private plane.

Increased Airport Access and Shorter Travel Time

Private jets have access to over 5,000 airports throughout the United States. Commercial airlines, however, only fly into or out of 550. When considering overall business aircraft flights, 33% fly into secondary airports while 19% fly into large commercial airports.

Commercial jets tend to cruise at 35,000 feet. Since smaller jets are able to fly higher, they are able to avoid the usual air traffic. In many instances, this can also decrease the time it takes to travel from one destination to another.

Increased Productivity

When staff travel for business, they often need to work while on a flight. A 2009 survey found that when these individuals traveled by commercial airlines, they experienced a 40% drop in their productivity. The survey also found that when business aircraft passengers were on a company aircraft, they were 20% more productive than when they were working in their home offices. When considering that top management and other managers may be traveling with their technical, sales and service staff, this can make a significant impact on overall productivity.

Learn More About the Benefits of Private Jet Charters

Since your company is interested in booking private flights, all you need to do is contact a representative to learn more. At that time, you can discuss your travel arrangements and obtain a quote. When you and your staff travel by private jet charters, you’ll be able to have a direct experience of the increased comfort, convenience, and productivity. There’s an excellent chance that jet charters will become your preferred and regular mode of travel.

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