How the Private Jet Industry Found Success With Businesses

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How much do you know about the executive private jet industry? If you?ve never taken a business charter jet or a private aircraft before, you probably don?t know much about this industry. You may imagine it?s an industry used only by those who are extremely wealthy. You may be surprised to learn about who uses a chartered flight to get around and how well the industry is doing.

Interested in learning more about the private jet industry? Keep reading for more information about the success of this industry and reasons why people charter a private jet.

The Success of the Private Jet Industry

In the United States alone, there are at least 11,000 private jets that are registered, according to statistics from 2011. That helps explain what the demand is like for chartering a private jet in the country. With all these different private jets operating all over the country, it?s no surprise that when it comes to the private jet market, the United States makes up around 49% of the entire market. Europe comes in at second with only 20%.

The industry is doing so well that it is able to employ more than 1.2 million Americans. Every year, with the number of employees and the number of private jets operating, the business aviation industry is able to bring in around $150 billion.

Reasons to Get an Executive Jet Charter

Someone may get an executive jet charter for more reasons than simply having a lot of extra money to spend. In fact, many people get an executive jet charter due to business reasons. More often than not, statistics show that businessmen and businesswomen are more productive when flying on a private jet that their company chartered. Flying on a commercial airline decreases productivity and can be a waste of time for many employees.

To help make employees more productive when they are traveling, a company may be willing to be the cost and get an executive jet charter. This may be even more common if a company has employees who are frequently flying across the country for different business meetings and other reasons related to the business.

Have you ever worked for a company that chartered private jets for important business related meetings or events? Did flying on a private jet more you more productive than flying on a commercial airline? Let us know in the comments about your experience flying commercially or flying on a private chartered jet.

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