In Flight Entertainment Systems Beyond Simple Pleasures

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Flying has become a regular part of life for many people. While it’s true that some people still haven’t had their first flight, many find that flying is not only a necessity, but a choice preferable over all other forms of travel. In fact, some people regularly fly for work — sometimes on a weekly basis, or even every few days. Flying is not the scary thing it once was, but something as natural and normal as taking the bus — though much more efficient, of course. This regularity of flying doesn’t mean, however, that it’s as comfortable as it should be. Many frequent flyers complain of aches and pains, and of the cramped quarters they spend hours within. It’s a fact of life that not all of us can afford to upgrade to first class, but that doesn’t mean we should be uncomfortable. Flying shouldn’t be something we grin and bare to get from place to place, but an enjoyable experience. While 17% plane passengers prefer to sleep through their flights, that doesn’t mean we all have to — or for that matter, that we all can. Airline passengers deserve to have options, and in some cases they actively need them to make their flights easier and less stressful. Let’s look into how in flight entertainment systems make a difference for frequent flyers — in more ways than you’d think.

In Flight Entertainment Systems: For Stressed Flyers

As previously mentioned, some flyers choose to sleep; another 21% choose to read. Finally, however, another 41% choose to watch movies. Sometimes, more old-fashioned forms of relaxation like reading and sleeping just aren’t possible for those on flights. This is often due to the fact that they suffer from flight anxiety. Many people understandably get nervous while flying, and can’t relax enough to sleep or concentrate enough to read. Sometimes, their anxiety is so high that they get nauseous during their flights. There are medications prescribed for such conditions, not everyone wants to take medicine while on a plane. In flight entertainment systems help people relax through things like films. They don’t require too much concentration, and are at the same time casually distracting. Furthermore, a film takes up a significant chunk of time . Many people who fly long flights find it comforting to break up the length of their flight by watching films. With that being said, it’s important that the aircraft display systems that show films are easily accessible — a poorly made system could be the difference between someone having an enjoyable flight and a terrible one.

In Seat Power: For Those On The Go

Aside from watching films, many like to pass their flight by using their own electronic devices. These could include laptops, tablets, e-readers, and phones. Of course, there’s the matter of keeping these devices charged that needs to be considered, especially on long flights. This is particularly true for those who want to conduct business during their flights, and need to keep their devices charged. A USB charger is about more than in flight entertainment systems; it’s about giving passengers the comforts and ease of access that they deserve. Passengers will always appreciate the nice touch of being able to keep their devices charged and at the ready. This is especially true for those who are dependent on their phones upon landing.

IFE Systems: For Frustrated Parents

Parents have it particularly rough when flying, and nobody can dispute that. This is because parents have their own concerns about flying to deal with, as well as those of fussy children. To give mom or dad a little time to relax, movies can be a great solution. Children find themselves distracted by the movie, and not so focused on the fact that they’re thousands of feet in the air. Hopefully, this will give the parent a little time to rest and relax before facing whatever comes next after the flight.

IFE systems aren’t just about simple pleasures — they’re necessities.

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