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Life gets too busy! Work and school can suck the life out of you and your family members. You must take some downtime to enjoy nature’s treasures and get to know your family better without all the deadlines and stress. Summer is a time to let your hair down and leave technology behind. Family camping trips may just be the best thing for your family to renew and deepen your connections.

Among current camping participants, 85 percent took their first trip between birth and age 15. After age 15, the chances of being introduced to camping were slim. Similarly, 57 percent of campers participated in regular outdoor activities as children, while just one-quarter of non-participants were exposed to the outdoors. These are sad statistics for sure. Camping can strengthen bonds with family members, giving unique opportunities for teaching that you would find nowhere else.

Most camping ? about 70% ? is done in public campgrounds, and your family will be convinced to make this a yearly event after they experience family vacation campgrounds. Family camping trips do not need to be during the summer. Early fall camping trips can be fantastic too as the leaves turn golden and parks are not as busy.

The simple act of camping was the biggest motivation for taking a camping trip. Forty-seven percent of adult participants camped just because they enjoyed it, which is good news for the activity. There are so many places to spend your family camping trips, and choosing one with first-rate accommodations, amenities and activities will make it enjoyable and fun for all members of the family. You may be looking for RV or tent camping spaces, local camping sites, or exclusive camp resorts.

When planning your getaway, look for parks with water attractions such as lakes, rivers, pools, waterslides or splashgrounds. Cool off while boating, tubing or swimming. If you prefer to stay on land, there are beaches for relaxing or fishing. If you want to explore in a safe environment, look for family campgrounds near National Parks. Choose from sunny campgrounds or wooded campgrounds where you can enjoy hiking or birdwatching. Your senses will be stimulated and empower you before returning home.

Whatever you decide to do for your camping vacations, spend time one on one with each family member and really get to know them. Take your grandchildren or have a family reunion. It will definitely be time well spent.

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