Planning a Trip for Your Group? 6 Reasons to Rent a Charter Bus

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If you are planning a trip for a group, you know how challenging it can be. Sometimes it can feel like herding cats. One of the first things you have to decide when you have a group traveling together is how everything is going to get where you need them to go. One option that is almost tailor made just for groups is the charter bus rental. Here are some reasons this may be the best way for your group to get from point A to B.

  1. It is a very cost effective way to go. When you rent a charter bus, you are getting a very cost effective way to go. It is much less expensive to have everyone hop on a charter bus than it is to take a plane or train. When you work out the per person rate for this kind of travel, you will see that it is even less expensive than having everyone go in their own car or truck.
  2. You will reduce your carbon footprint. When people think of charter bus rentals, they do not often think about how environmentally friendly buses can be. The average car gets anywhere between 25 and 35 passenger miles per gallon. The typical bus gets about 206.6 passenger miles per gallon. In addition, charter buses have been found to be about thee times more efficient than cars when it comes to their release of carbon dioxide gas, which is a major contributor to global warming. If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint with your travel options, this is one way to do that.
  3. You can enjoy the ride there and back. When you take most kinds of transportation, the ride to and from a location can be stressful. When you fly, you have to deal with TSA and the airlines. When you take the train, it is less stressful but if you have a group of people going at the same time, you have to worry about getting everyone a seat. When you go for a charter bus rental, everyone is taken care of in terms of a seat, you have no TSA to deal with and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.
  4. Everyone in your group will arrive at the same time. When people are left to their own devices to get somewhere and they are all doing it on their own, it is inevitable that someone will get lost. If you are traveling someplace and have to be there at a set time, you will only be sure that everyone will get there at the same time when you go together. Going on a charter bus is one of the best ways to do this. Even GPS systems are not as good for preventing people from getting lost.
  5. You will have a professional driver to deal with the hassles. When you send a group to carpool or drive their own cars and trucks, everyone has to deal with tolls, parking and gas. These are things that take time away from the trip and also are just annoying. When people drive their personal cars and trucks, everyone has a different distance they can do before they have to pull over and get gas. When you hire a rental car, you do not have to worry about parking, tolls, gas or any of it. This is a less stressful way to go.
  6. Charter buses have great amenities. Most charter buses have WiFi, TV monitors and DVD players. If you are all going to a place for sightseeing, you can get everyone up to speed on the location by showing videos about it on the way. The seats on today’s buses are very comfortable and the bathrooms are clean and new. You can bring food and beverages to enjoy on the way. Your ride on your charter bus will very comfortable and fun.

There are a lot of details to plan when you are working on group travel. Luckily, when you charter a bus for your group, many of the issues will be taken care of. You will all be able to sit back and relax.

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