Take Your Family to a Camping Resort to Inspire a Love of Nature

Kid friendly vacation

Are you thinking about different types of kid friendly vacations? Since you want to find just the right place that everyone will enjoy, family camping resorts can provide memorable kid friendly vacations. Given all of the amenities and activities at these types of campgrounds, you’ll likely return with your family year after year.

The Family Camping Tradition

Did you go camping as a child? Chances are that you want to share this treasured experience with your own children. A recent camping survey showed that 57% of its participants enjoyed regular outdoor activities when they were children. What’s more, it’s not unusual for extended families and friends to have annual family-reunion-style camping trips.

The Benefits of Camping for Children

If you haven’t taken your children camping before, you may be interested in a study conducted by the Institute of Education at Plymouth University. The participating parents had this to say about the benefits of taking their children camping:

  • Camping helps children appreciate and connect with nature: 98%
  • Children are happier when they go camping: 95%
  • Children learn useful life skills from camping: 93%

The Demographics of Camping

Camping is a favorite outdoor activity for a considerable number of people in the United States. According to the “2014 American Camper Report,” over 40.1 million Americans went camping during 2013. In addition to all of the adults that went camping, children as young as 6 years old also enjoyed the outdoors with family and friends.

Camping is also big business. In 2013 alone, for example, the United States’ campground industry grossed around $5 billion. Whether Americans choose to camp in tents or stay in cabins, it’s clear that that this will continue to be a beloved outdoor activity. Many American prefer to spend their money on memorable experiences rather than objects, camping gear aside.

The Importance of Planning Ahead

Since you’re planning your family’s vacation ahead of time, you’ll have the best chance of finding a great spot. A camping survey showed that 43% of campers plan their trips at least a month in advance. If you’re doing the same, your chances of staying at a favorite destination are even better. This is because camping is such a popular outdoor activity that many Americans will always make advanced reservations to ensure that they can stay at their favorite campgrounds.

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