The Benefits of Flying Private for Business Purposes

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The life of an executive is a busy one, to say the least. Your time is very valuable. The last thing you want to do is waste this time through commercial flights. There are many drawbacks associated with public flights for business purposes. A business professional needs to arrive at a destination ready to work. You likely know that a commercial aircraft is a difficult place to handle your business affairs. However, you might be unaware of just how costly commercial flights are. You don’t want to waste any of your valuable time and money on a bad business meeting. In this post, you will learn the benefits of a private jet charter.

  1. Less Wasted Time Checking In

    One of the burdens that come with commercial flights is long check in times. You don’t want to find yourself stranded at the airport. Choosing a private flight means no wasted time at terminals. You aren’t depending on an entire group of people when using a private charter. People using a charter will love not having to deal with long commercial airport wait times. You don’t want to find yourself the victim of a long layover. No one wants to spend their time stuck in an airport until the next flight is available. Matters become worse if you face a multiple day layover. Using an executive private jet charter gives you more time traveling and less time waiting.
  2. Not Having to Deal With Security

    Another burden of public flights is the security department. We all know that security is only there to keep everyone safe. You want security people at commercial airports to keep things safe. However, you don’t want to waste time with having your luggage searched with a fine toothed comb. Flying on an executive private jet charter lets you get to your flight without rounds of security checks. Research shows that people flying on commercial airlines experienced a 40% drop in how productive they were. You don’t want to have your workers in an environment where productivity drops. The purpose of business travel is to take care of things, not lose productivity.
  3. Having Access to a Larger Amount of Airports

    Nearly 33% of business aircraft flights land in a secondary airport. Only 19% of flights land in large commercialized airports. An executive private jet charter allows you to fly places a commercial aircraft can’t take you. In addition, you have control over where the plane goes. A commercial flight often takes passengers to a few separate stops before reaching their preferred destination. An executive doesn’t have the time to make all of those stops. What you need is a flight that takes you where you need to be, without the need for detours. Using a private charter greatly improves the number of airports you have access to. Being able to stop in more places is great for frequent business travelers.
  4. Fewer Guests in a Private Charter

    We’ve all been on those flights with extremely annoying guests. The only thing you’re thinking about is when the plane will land. You don’t want to try and conduct business during a commercial flight, there is too much going on. In the event you do find a quiet commercial flight, you don’t want to accidentally leak business information to the public. An executive private jet charter provides you with the peace and quiet you need to conduct business. Research shows that workers reported having a 20% increase in productivity while in company aircraft versus being in the office.

In closing, there are several benefits that come with using an executive private jet charter. You won’t have to spend hours of wasted time checking into an airport. The last thing an executive wants to do is wait through hours of lines. You likely have business matters to attend to which makes a private charter the perfect environment. An executive private charter has access to a large number of airports. You won’t have to settle for the landing area the commercial airport gives you. Using a private jet charter lets you conduct business in a private setting.

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