Tips for Your Next Trip to Carter County Kentucky

When you are planning a family vacation, it is important that you first do some research into some of the activities available wherever you are going. The key to being a great tourist is planning the places to visit on your trip before you go. Otherwise, you may get somewhere and realize that you are not properly prepared for the activities available.

You could find yourself in a place known for hiking without the appropriate footwear or visit a place with wonderful campgrounds but you didn’t bring a tent. To avoid missing out on these things, you should always try to find out information about the place you plan to visit so you can get the most out of your trip.

Carter County Kentucky is certainly the type of place that you want to plan for before you visit. With an abundance of outdoor things to do in Carter County KY, you will want to make sure that you have all of the gear you will need before you get there. That way, all of your time can be spent enjoying the area around you.

Carter Caves State Resort Park

One of the many things to do in Carter County KY that requires some planning beforehand is a trip to the Carter Caves State Resort Park. This park offers a variety of activities, from a 30-foot underground waterfall to a 9-hole golf course.

You are sure to find something that the whole family will enjoy. To ensure that you have plenty of time to do all of the activities that the park offers, it may be a good idea to book a place to stay overnight at the Carter Caves campground.

Bat Cave State Nature Preserve

If you are looking for more hiking in Carter County KY near the state park, consider a visit to the Bat Cave and Cascade Caverns State Nature Preserves. These two caves offer wonderful views of nature, including bats and a variety of plants.

As the cave tours run one mile long and can involve steep banks, it might be a good idea to pack the proper footwear so you are comfortable while exploring. There is also bird watching available, so binoculars may be helpful as well. For directions and more information about the nature preserve, visit their website.

Grayson Lake

Grayson Lake State Park also offers many outdoor things to do in Carter County KY. Whether you are interested in fishing, horseback riding, or golfing, you will have no trouble keeping busy.

This park also has a variety of lodging options, from cottages to campsites, which makes it easy to find a good fit for you and your family to stay as long as you like. If you are interested in seeing some of the other activities that this park offers or you would like to book a place to stay, check out their website.

No matter what park you visit or where you decide to go hiking, you are sure to find something fun that your family will enjoy with the many things to do in Carter County KY. Now is the time to start researching and planning your next trip.

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