Two Reasons Why Flying On A Private Jet Is Faster and More Productive

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Have you ever flown on an executive private jet or have you ever needed to charter a private jet for your job or for a personal reason? It is a very unique experience flying on a private jet rather than flying on commercial airlines. Unlike commercial airlines, your productivity can increase on private jets, and you time spent preparing for your flight and on your flight can decrease significantly. You might think that not many people get the experience of flying on private jets or that they are not used by companies, businesses and families throughout the world very often. However, there are many statistics that state otherwise along with a multitude of reasons as to why flying with an executive private jet is worth the expense.

The private jet industry in the United States is constantly expanding. As of 2011, there were 11,261 private jets registered in the United States alone. Not to mention, the number of air charter operators in the United States is around 2,1000. When you fly on a private jet, you do not have to avoid using commercial airports entirely. In fact, private jets often visit more airport in the United States than commercial airlines do. Currently, private jets go to 5,000 United States airports while commercial airlines go to around 550 airports.

As of now, the United States makes up a large portion of the private jet market, as well. Europe currently occupies 20.8 percent of the market while the United States comes in just under 50 percent at 49.7 percent of the market.

Keep reading to learn about two reasons why you should consider flying on a private jet for your next trip rather than selecting a commercial flight.

1. Flying on a private jet will be a quicker experience

Private jets operate a little bit differently than commercial airlines. You do not have to expect as long of security lines or wait times to get through the airport and to board your flight. That makes the experience already less of a hassle and less worry than flying commercially.

In addition, a business private jet flies differently than commercial airlines do, as well. For instance, commercial airlines cruise at 35,000 feet usually. Private, smaller jets have the ability and the option to fly at higher altitudes. This can make the trip quicker because the jet will not have to deal with as much as air traffic as it would if it was flying at a lower altitude. When it flies higher, it usually results in a faster flight time for the passengers. So, not only will you have a shorter time in the airport boarding the flight, but also you will have a shorter time on board the flight while you are flying in the air if you choose to use an executive private jet over a commercial airline.

2. Flying on an executive private jet will be a more productive experience

There are many statistics that state a person?s productivity increases aboard a private jet. These statistics are compared to the productivity for someone when they are in their office and the productivity for someone when they are flying on a commercial airline. For instance, a 2009 survey claims that people stated they were 20 percent more productive on a business charter jet than they were in their own offices that they go to every single day.

When a business person chose to fly on a commercial airline, they claimed that they were 40 percent less productive.

If you are a business owner considering whether or not you should buy an executive private jet for your company that travels a lot, these statistics should show you how much time you could save and how much more productive you and your employees could be on board a private jet. Have you ever had the opportunity to fly on different types of private jets before? Let us know in the comments what your experience flying on a private jet is.

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