Want to Experience Downton Abbey in Real Life?

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Have you ever thought about taking yourself and your friends on a Highclere castle tour? English film set tours are great for fans of British TV and cinema (Doctor who london tours, anyone?), and Highclere has become a favorite destination of Downton Abbey tours as this stunning historic structure is the main setting for the runaway hit drama. Downton Abbey travel has only grown as the show’s status as a quality TV favorite has been cemented. Downton Abbey has won eighteen awards so far, including a Golden Globe for Best Mini Series Or Television Film and no less than six Primetime Emmy Awards.

This outstanding British castle tour will reveal much about this great building, including its fascinating history, striking architecture and some interesting behind the scenes notes about the making of the beloved mini series. Highclere castle tours in Hampshire are a thrilling experience not just for Britons, but for Anglophile visitors to this part of the U.K. The next time I’m abroad in England, I hope to make a Highclere castle tour an important part of my itinerary. I’m sure it’s a visit I won’t soon forget!

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