Whats the Difference Between an Engagement Ring and a Wedding Ring?

This video talks about the differences between engagement rings and wedding rings. Both are beautiful pieces of jewelry. However, they are two different things, and the person who initiates the marriage process should purchase both rings for his or her expected spouse.

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The engagement ring is the giver’s expression of the commitment the two people will share when they get married. It’s a promise ring of sorts because the giver is saying that he will marry the individual when they both decide on an agreed-upon wedding date. The recipient’s engagement ring is a symbol of pride for the upcoming wedding. Engagement rings usually have solitaire diamonds on them, but not always.

The wedding band is completely different. The wedding band symbolizes a never-ending love between two people. The circle signifies an almost eternal life spent between those individuals. Wedding bands can have any design and arrangement, but most of them are single bands that don’t have diamonds in them. They are usually crafted of yellow gold, and they vary in thickness. The couple needs to put a lot of thought into these rings because they will be with the recipients for a long time. Thus, no one should decide which ring to buy without thinking it over and consulting with others if applicable.

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