Why Carriage Tours Are The Perfect Transportation On Vacation

Horse-drawn carriages make for a romantic, scenic ride that allows passengers to experience an amazing, a memorable night on the town. The concept of horse carriage rides are considered to be highly favorable and popularized among tourists as a fancier method to sight-see around a town. There are numerous buggy tours held in many cities and countries that offer an astounding view of their town on a horse and carriage ride, that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

Why Horse Carriage Rides Are Great For Exploration

After a while, walking around becomes extremely difficult. You want to see the rest of the town, but you’re very tired—your feet hurt and the sun is downright painful. Touring via carriage tour allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of your surroundings without feeling the fatigue—most towns feature classic carriage rides for an evening on the city because of their prestige appearance and comfort. Typically, horse carriage tours are by reservation only and available during certain seasons depending on the number of attractions and tourists to provide an experience that is social and memorable. Statistics show nearly one out of nine jobs depend on travel and tourism in the U.S, out of that 37 % of families say vacations with family activities make them most happy while 42% of travelers feel more romantic while on vacation. The general outlay of even carriage tours allows customers to be immersed in the feel and mood of the old-times while taking a tour of the city discussing its history.

The History of Horse Carriage Rides

The wheel first invented around 3,500 BC in Mesopotamia directed followed the invention of the potter’s the wheel. During this Bronze Age, inventors quickly developed the cart—now known as the carriage, to the wheel, and placed a horse on the front end to pull the wagon. The first ever depiction of a horse-drawn carriage was during the Sumerian Battle Standard of Ur, and quickly found favor in Egyptian society where they utilized it for laboring and transportation. Eventually, the concept entered England where it became popularized, most notably it’s associated with royalty, as it’s used as a historical ceremonial concept for royal marriages and transporting people of status and wealth. The attraction most tourists have to its charm is magnetic, because of its elegant and regal design that can make anyone feel like royalty for a few hours—after all, who wouldn’t want that?

Where Are The Best Places To Tour In A Horse Carriage?

Many scenic places beautifully offset a ride in a horse carriage, but New York and Charleston, South Carolina have some of the best carriage tours in the U.S. People are drawn to them, because they’re considered some of the most historically interesting places to see via horse carriage rides. In New York, there are a variety of carriage rides that explore Central Park and other historical sites in New York without having to deal with the excessively heavy foot traffic on any given day. Charleston carriage tours are a bit more mellowed and encapsulating, as you ride through the historic district and listen to the tour guide recount stories that made Charleston what it is today. Charleston was founded in 1670, having over 300 years of rich history that attracts tourists far and wide to experience a presence that can only be found in Charleston. Even the amenities that are offered on an evening carriage tour in Charleston is virtually unmatched—the quality service and southern hospitality are the main attractions that keeps customers happy and willing to come back to time-travel through Charleston.

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