What Are the Best Foods in Liberia, and Where Can You Find Them?

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After emerging as a stronger, more democratic country following decades of war, the West African gem of Liberia is thriving as a tourist destination. Now home to a small selection of holiday villas, many of which are beautiful beach resorts, many thousands flock to the Liberian capital of Monrovia every year, feeding more than $230 million into the nation’s economy annually, according to Index Mundi.

For many, the only thing this African paradise bordered by the Atlantic ocean needs is holiday villas that will let them soak up the rays as they lay on the beach. Others seek adventure in the Land of the Free, trekking through the 40% of the country that is covered by unspoiled rainforest. Whether your style is working on your tan on the beach or climbing through the natural wonders of the world, you’re going to need to recharge with the area’s best food.

What Are the Best Liberian Foods?

  • Jollof Rice
  • Made using rice, onions, an array of local spices and vegetables, and boiled down pig’s feet, this is one of Liberia’s favorite dishes, according to Liberian Forum. After a day spent hiking or taking in the Atlantic breeze, jollof rice really hits the spot, and it goes a long way in getting you ready for a night spent enjoying the thumping beats of Liberian hip-co.

  • Sweet Potato Pone
  • You can think of sweet potato pone like a sweetened, more solid version of American sweet potato pie. The University of Pennsylvania maintains a traditional recipe that uses grated sweet potato, ginger, and molasses. After the dish is baked, it’s cut into squares and eaten like a bread. It goes great with some of the locally made ginger beer!

  • Lemongrass Tea
  • Many find Liberia’s lemongrass tea to be one of their favorite bits of food or drink they have during their time in the country. Mixing chopped lemongrass with water, what’s left is a refreshing, warming beverage that goes down easy at the start or close of any well-spent day in the Liberian sun.

Where Can You Find the Best Food in Liberia?

  • Liberia’s Paradise Resorts
  • Undoubtedly, the best way to enjoy the best food in Liberia is ordering it from the room service menu at the country’s best luxury villas. There you can enjoy your lemongrass tea as the sun’s rays continue to dance across your skin, or if you’d rather, you can take a meal in your room, watching the sunset from the balcony that comes standard with many holiday villas.

  • Monrovia’s Favorite Local Restaurants
  • Monrovia is no stranger to great dining. If you prefer getting out on the town and enjoying the best food the city has to offer while the hip-hop beats of the local hip-co artists boom in the background, ask the staff at your holiday villas where the locals like to go for a meal and music.

It’s no wonder that Liberia is increasingly known as a vacation paradise; No country offering sunshine, nature, and history accompanied by amazing food could ever be known as anything else. Keep these things in mind for your trip to Liberia to have the trip of your life. More like this article.

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