When Was the Last TIme Yo Went Camping?

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The weekend at the lake in South Dakota is still one of your family’s favorite memories. While most of the people who came for the 25th wedding anniversary celebration stayed at nearby hotels or cabins at the lake, your two daughters really wanted the option of tent camping in the space next to the cabins. Eve when it rained the first of the three night that you spent in the tent, the girls refused to go inside. They were staying dry and it seemed like a great adventure to them. Who knew that giving them the opportunity for tent camping in a rainstorm would create memories that your family would still be talking about some 15 years later?
It is sometimes surprising the things that can make memories. When you are in the moment it might be easy to dismiss an idea that seems cumbersome or a detour that will take an extra hour, but real family memories are not always made from events that are planned and rehearsed. Sometimes they are born from spontaneous decisions.
Are You Ready to Make New Memories?
When was the last time that your family spent quality time together away from the technology and noise that are a part of our busy everyday lives? More than 40 million people went camping in the year 2010, accounting for 515 million outings. Were you one of them? From a single camp ground in Ohio to group campgrounds in Michigan, family and friends are deciding to leave many of the luxuries of home behind and instead spend some time in nature.
While some people think of tent camping in the wilderness and public campsite tenting in a park with facilities as an activity that only a few would enjoy, the fact of the matter is that camping entices many people away from the city and into the wilderness. Depending on how much you want to pack or purchase, camping can include a variety of items that will keep you comfortable. Consider the following ways that people enjoy camping:

  • 86% of campers say their favorite way to camp is tenting
  • 33% say they enjoy cabin camping
  • 30% say they like to do backcountry backpacking
  • 26% say they prefer drive-up campsites
  • 24% like to camp in a recreational vehicle
  • 11% say they simply camp in a backyard
  • 8% enjoy camping under the stars
  • 2% say they have actually camped in a yurt, which is a small dome shaped hut

By noticing this variety it is easy to see that camping is not just tent camping in an empty space underneath a treed area. The newest campers can start by renting a fully equipped cabin. This type of experience allows even the most novice campers to enjoy the outdoors, but also have running water, heat and air conditioning, and a solid roof over their heads.
Campgrounds Are as Varied as the States Where They Are Located
Possibly the best thing about camping is that every single state in America offers some kind of opportunity. Campgrounds in New York can be as inviting as campgrounds in Texas. In fact, some people enjoy camping so much that they virtually never spend any money on expensive hotel rooms. Instead of spending $200 a night in a hotel, that same amount of money could get you an entire week at a campground in Alaska.
Campground locations can be found in campground directories. These resources also indicate what amenities are available at each location. For example, vacationers can find a location that comes with a guest shower house that is included with the price of the camping site. Fishing enthusiasts can even find campgrounds that provide fish cleaning stations and options for freezing your catch.
While statistics show the average camper goes camping five times a year, another great thing about camping is that there are not really very many rules. Although these typical campers indicate that they travel an average of 191 miles away from their home to their favorite camping location, that number is only a guideline. Family memories can be created once a year or once a month. They can be born on a trip that only lasts one night at a familiar place close to home or on a two week adventure to a state you have never visited.
What are you waiting for? Time to make your camping plans!

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