Fly Away From Your Troubles When You Charter a Private Jet

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Who can resist the feeling or freedom and luxury when you charter a private jet? It is the ultimate as a marker of success and wealth, right next to owning a yacht!

Travel is a big part of life now, it is so important to be able to get from here to there. The world is a smaller place and people expect and need to go across town or across the country for work and for play.

How can a person travel without going by air? It is fast. Other options are to drive or take the bus or train. Driving to your destination, whether by car or bus, is slow and so dependent on the weather. Train travel can be fast but has far fewer options for destinations, especially without multiple stops and changes.

Air travel is by far the most convenient, especially for those on work related trips. Passengers typically dedicate about 30% of their time in the air aboard a business aircraft to doing individual work tasks. Those same travelers spend an average of 36% of their time onboard in meeting with colleagues so the majority of their time in the air is spent doing business.

If you are traveling by air, you are more likely to be 20% more productive while on a company aircraft or private aircraft charter than you are in the office. Those who fly commercial airlines find there is about a 40% drop in productivity.

Air travel, especially for business travelers, benefits from the ability to charter a private jet. A jet charter service is able to get passengers to their destination more quickly. Aircraft charter services are able to avoid the crush and long lines in the public airports. And yet, the charter plane service has the ability to fly in and out of more than 5,000 public use airports in the United States. This number of airports is about 100 times of those available to commercial airlines. And air charter or charter jet services are a safe mode of transportation as well as provide convenient access to many destinations, including yours!

Those who are able to charter a private jet are also provided with a more comfortable space within the airplane. There is typically more leg room, more flexibility of seating arrangements and assignments. Passengers can choose window or aisle seats. In addition, if you charter a private jet, you can expect all the amenities and more than in a commercial airline.

The charter jet companies provide access to the internet so passengers can be connected to work and be productive while in flight. There are also food and beverage options and easier luggage and baggage handling.

More than 8 million people, on average, fly every day. Those who fly would like to have more space for their legs. They would appreciate the ability to recline the seat to a greater degree. It is also important for the aircraft to be on time and to be safe for flying. If air travel is delayed for weather or other situations, passengers appreciate being kept up to date on the status as well as provided with many options or quick options to continue on to their destination.

These issues also highlight the benefit to private jet charters and being able to charter a private jet. Private jets are able to fly into and out of many more airports than commercial airlines. This allows for much more flexibility in routing flights and changing routes when needed due to weather or other issues.

If you are able to charter a private jet or are a passenger on a private jet that is owned by your business or employer, you are in a smaller group. You will receive more personalized service and have access to communications with the private company that is solely looking out for your issues and interests.

Most important, being a passenger on a private jet give you that feeling that you are the purpose for the flight.

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