4 Pigeon Forge Attractions To Visit On Your Next Family Vacation

For kids, summer is one of the best seasons because it means no school and all the time in the world to play. That makes vacationing in Tennessee that much more exciting.

There are many different attractions to visit in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee that everyone of any age can enjoy. In fact, here are four of the most popular Pigeon Forge attractions you can visit while on your vacation:

  1. White-water rafting. White-water rafting in the Great Smoky Mountains is a fun adventure for the whole family. If you have older kids who love the water, you can build teamwork as a family and work together to navigate the rougher waters along the Smokies. If you have younger kids or if white-water rafting isn’t quite your style, you can enjoy River Rat in Hartford. Sit back, relax, and float along the Little River while staying cool in the summer heat.
  2. Steakhouses and BBQ. Nothing says summer quite like a barbeque, and Pigeon Forge does it right. From locally-owned establishments to nationally-known restaurants, Pigeon Forge offers a variety of dining experiences waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re hungry for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you’ll find something to eat your whole family will love.
  3. Shopping. When you feel the itch to shop, there’s nowhere better than the top Pigeon Forge attractions. Pigeon Forge has outlet malls and stores, arts and crafts shops, grocery and big-box stores, and antiques and specialty stores. Whether you’re looking for brand name shops or locally sourced products, Pigeon Forge offers hundreds of stores with great discounts and souvenirs for you to take back home with you.
  4. Activities both inside and out. Pigeon Forge offers hiking, golfing, zip-lining, racing, four-wheeling, and more when the weather outside is great for adventures. And when the weather gets rainy, there are plenty of indoor adventures to enjoy, too. There are arcades, trampoline parks, aquariums, art studios, a crime museum, and more.

Ready for your vacation in Tennessee?

According to TrekkSoft, up to 26.6% of travelers define adventure travel as “seeing or doing something new.” At Pigeon Forge, there are plenty of new experiences just waiting for you and your family.

Whether you love shopping, restaurants, hiking, or golfing, there’s something here for everyone.

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