5 Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Best Vacation Rental

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So you have decided you want to head out on a vacation! You have planned out all of your activities, and now it is time to choose from all of the vacation rentals in the city. It can seem overwhelming, but with these tips you won’t have anything to worry about!

1. Use a reliable website

A good website can bring you listings that you may not have found in your own independent search. They will also prevent you from falling victim to a scam, as some consumers have been tricked into renting a property that didn’t exist or wasn’t available. A quality website will deter these horror stories from happening!

2. Decide what you are looking for

It will make your search easier if you figure out what vacation rentals you are looking for. Are you looking to rent beach condos, oceanfront condos, or stay in the city? Once you decide what your looking for, the sea of vacation condo rentals will not seem as intimidating and large.

3. Search for your specific dates

You do not want to search all vacation rentals and then fall in love with a place that is already booked for your trip. Make sure you use only your specific search dates, and you will not have to come up with another plan.

Also, if you are planning a week long vacation search Friday-Friday, or Saturday-Saturday. Check the weekend availability and be flexible if you can, because your dream home could open up on a Sunday when the previous guests move out.

4. Read through all the reviews thoroughly

Reviews from previous inhabitants are extremely helpful because they will give you a sense of what you are getting into. You should make sure to read not only the positive reviews, but the negative and in the middle reviews in order to assess everyone’s concerns. This is also a great way to see if the owner left anything out from the listing.

5. Consider location and it’s impact on transportation

Keep in mind how you are getting to your destination, if you are flying then you may not be interested in a rental that is far away from the city. And if you have a car, make sure adequate parking is available at the house.

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