A Lack Of Vacation Time Can Hurt You In The Long Term Why You Should Start Planning Your 2018 Escape


When’s the last time you went on vacation?

If you’re honestly not sure…it’s time to get serious about your work-life balance. Today’s working American is more stressed out than ever, with some of the highest rates of employment unhappiness sandwiched between rising incidents of depression and skyrocketing job burnout. Beach rentals are rising with the tide as more and more Americans start to consider the benefits of taking a week or two off somewhere beautiful. Your mental health will benefit, your emotional health will flourish and, most of all, you’ll gain wonderful memories to reflect on when you finally get back to the grind.

North Carolina is beautiful, charming and filled with more zest than you could ever hope to see in a weekend. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try!

Fun Facts

Before we get into the beautiful beach rentals, dining and restaurants the Outer Banks is known for…let’s look into what makes this such a draw for so many people in the first place. North Carolina’s Outer Banks is the third most popular wedding destination in the United States after Vegas and Hawaii, which is a pretty tall order, all things considered! The very first successful airplane flights were conducted in Kitty Hawk by the Wright Brothers back in 1903. Not enough? Keep on reading to learn more about what makes this such a popular choice time and time again.

Spacious Beaches And Lovely Islands

Did you know over 90% of American employees have stated vacation time is very important to them? Despite this astronomically high figure, too many Americans either don’t take advantage of all their vacation time…or outright skip weekends in favor of more work. Beach rentals are a particularly wise investment for anyone who’s starting to feel the wear and tear of the work week, offering you a place to kick up your feet and soak up some rays at your leisure.

Kite Surfing And Hang Gliding

Perhaps you’re the kind of vacationer that wants to do as much as possible during your free day. Look no further than beach rentals at the Outer Banks, where kite surfing and paragliding are some of the most popular activities. In fact, the Wright Brothers originally chose this area for their original flight experiments! The beautiful breeze and stretch of ocean will surely provide you quite the view as you soar above your fears. A recent study showed employees who grind at work week in and week out experience higher rates of stress and anxiety than those who take regular breaks.

Landmarks And History

Fear not, artists and history buffs. There is plenty to enjoy when you invest in house rentals on the legendary Outer Banks. The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is the tallest brick lighthouse in the United States, boasting over 200 feet and drawing many a photographer and visitor to its shores. There are also plenty of fascinating destinations for scuba divers and shipwreck enthusiasts to enjoy when you sign up with any local tourist business. When you start to feel the encroaching itch of burnout, you know where to go!

Animals And Landscapes

Are you an animal lover? Then you’re very much in luck. Alongside a delicious meal at a local restaurant you can walk along the sands or roam near the islands to take a look at the bountiful animal life that makes up the North Carolina coast. Wild ponies (descended all the way from Spanish Mustangs that survived shipwrecks from the 16th century) still roam the Outer Banks alongside over 400 species of birds. Jockey’s Ridge State Park is also home to the highest sand dune on the East Coast. Vacation planning is more than just a weekend.

It’s a way to get in touch with what truly makes you you.

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