A Look At The Limo Industry Of The United States

Transportation is crucial in the United States. From trains to planes to cars and other motor vehicles, we rely heavily on transportation services to get us to where we need to be. But that does not mean that transportation has to be boring – particularly in the case of special events such as a wedding or even just the prom, arguably the biggest night of any teenager’s life up until that point. Hiring a limo rental can be the perfect way to celebrate, and limousine car services are more popular all throughout the United States than they have ever been before. A limo rental can even be a safe way to party, as it reduces the risks of drinking and then trying to drive to almost zero. All in all, a limo rental is a hugely popular thing for limousine services all throughout the country, with the average driver of a limousine making, in total, around one hundred and fifty trips per week, if not even more than that.

With more than eight thousand and three hundred limo drivers in the United States by the year of 2015 (a number that has only grown in the few years since that date), there is no doubt that the limo rental is a big part of the transportation business of the United States. And this limo rental is, more often than not, utilized for a special event. In fact, special events and occasions such as weddings, proms, bachelor and bachelorette parties and the like make up as much as forty percent of all the business that a limo service will see. With nearly as many as two and a half weddings conducted in just the United States during the time span of a single year (and with high school proms held on an annual basis), the limo rental for such events helps many limousine services to succeed.

A limo rental can also be crucial for the safety and well being of the passengers, particularly for younger people like teenagers who may be drinking at their proms. And that’s simply a fact nowadays, that the vast majority of teenagers living in the United States engage in some level of alcohol consumption. In fact, data shows that by the time that they reach their tenth grade year of high school, around forty percent of all students (nearly half) have at least tried alcohol once, if not more frequently. By the time that they reach the night of their senior prom, more than fifty percent of all students who attend will have as many as four alcoholic beverages of varying strengths and potency before the night draws to a conclusion. Unfortunately, this has led to a number of related tragedies, with as many as three hundred and seventy six teenage prom goers dying as a result of drinking and driving in the year of 2005 (with similar statistics in other years in the United States as well). This is where the use of a limo rental can be crucial, as it can allow even the teens who have been consuming alcohol to get to and from their prom night safely and without or with very little incident. Though teenage drinking is certainly not something to be celebrated or even promoted, it is important to be realistic about what teenagers will get up to, and hiring a limo rental for prom night can be one way for parents to do just that.

The limousine industry is a hugely important one, one that provides a great deal of transportation, often in the form of a limo rental, to those that need it. And hiring a limo rental can also be a great way to celebrate a big event such as a prom or a wedding or even a bachelor party, allowing a little bit of style and flair to permeate the evening. The hiring of a limo rental service can even be a great way to promote safety, as it prevents teenagers and adults alike from drinking and then getting behind the wheel of their car and ending up in an accident.

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