Advancements In In Flight Entertainment

With recent advancements in in flight entertainment technology, flying has become more enjoyable than ever before. Flying, something that was once dreaded as boring and often uncomfortable, is now often an enjoyable experience in and of itself. In a typical day, nearly eight million people are able to fly in comfort in and out of the United States and around the world, traveling with ease in ways that weren’t feasible until recent years. In a typical year, more than three billion people travel by air all around the world, marking a new achievement and milestone for the airline industry.

There are many reasons that people fly and many reasons that people choose specific locations to fly to. For instance, some people choose to fly simply out of convenience. A short one hour flight is often preferable to a long and grueling drive, even if the destination is within a relatively easy to drive distance. Some people simply don’t like driving, and taking a flight is often comparatively priced to what would be spend on gas and other such expenses related to driving. Many people travel specifically for leisure purposes, with nearly eighty percent of all people on any given airplane traveling to a vacation destination. Flights have allowed people to experience more of the world than ever before, and many different types of travelers are able to live out their ideal vacation experience because of easy accessibility to flights to nearly anywhere in the entire world. Many people also travel for business purposes, easily traveling from one conference to the next with as little hassle as possible.

Having an enjoyable experience while flying somewhere is often based off of what in flight entertainment technology is available. For example, a popular in flight entertainment technology is the in flight movie, offered on most flights more than an hour or two long. In-flight entertainment can also include small things such as free snacks or magazines for the passengers to read and peruse at their leisure. In seat power is another recent development in the in flight entertainment technology world, and it allows people to work from their laptops or their cell phones without worrying about their battery and whether or not it is sufficiently charged. In seat USB power manufacturers have become popular with many airlines, and have been proven to provide an ideal in flight entertainment system.

Many people have different ideals for the in flight entertainment technology that is offered on their flights. For instance, nearly twenty percent of airline passengers simply prefer to sleep when they are on a flight, particularly if that flight is overnight or particularly long, such as a trip from the United States to a European country or vice versa. Many people, around twenty percent as well, also enjoy reading through their flights. These people may not benefit so directly from in flight entertainment technology but for the more than forty percent of all airline passengers who will watch a movie while flying to their destination, in flight entertainment technology is crucial to their enjoyment of their flight. These people would otherwise often find themselves bored and the time dragging. An in flight movie, though it may not seem particularly significant, can have a huge impact on the overall enjoyment a movie minded passenger has on any given flight to any destination over any length of time. Free wifi represents another recent advancement in in flight entertainment technology and many passengers feel reliant upon it. In fact, as many as one fourth of all airline customers will choose their airline based on what types of free wifi are offered, with many neglecting to book flights with airlines that do not offer any kind of wifi package at all.

There are many reasons that flights have become more enjoyable than ever before, but none so prominent as that of the advancement in in flight airline technology. With in flight airline technology, passengers are able to access many comforts that they have not previously had access to, such as free wifi and chargers, among other things. As the industry continues to expand and advance, so will the number of people who book flights frequently.

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