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Being afforded the opportunity to travel the world, see the sites, meet new people and experience new cultures are a dream come true for most travelers. But finding a way to share your experiences with others was a challenge until the advent of Grate One travel blogs and Gate one travel reviews. Now it seems everyone who spends time abroad uploads their thoughts and images into travel blogs and travel blog sites, allowing for mass exposure. But why create travel blogs when you are on the road? Here are a few reasons why keeping an electronic journal of your trip matters. 1) Share it with the world. In keeping a personal travel diary, or a more informative, useful Gate One travel blog site, you have the benefit of sharing all of your experiences with others. Don’t expect mass following right away, but the more you share and the more you are recognized for your contributions to travel writing, the better your chances are of gaining a mass following. People like to read travel review news, so in gaining a following with your blog, you could be contributing to the world of travel review blogs that keep readers informed. 2) Meet like minded fellow travelers. When you mix travel blogs with travel sites and social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, you become a part of a network of travel bloggers who are doing the same thing you are. They, too, appreciate the experience of traveling and writing. In networking, you can learn from others and teach others, as well. Those who keep Gate One travel blogs and travel in the same circles as other travelers sometimes cross paths in the field which can be fun and friendly. 3) Learn from other bloggers. When you blog, you spend time reading others’ blogs. Inevitably, you will learn about traveling in ways you never would have learned about anywhere else. Gain helpful tips about traveling and locations and even learn from other people’s mistakes. Its all part of the network! 4) You might just make some money along the way. You may have high hopes of making a living writing Gate One travel blogs. Some people have been able to make money from Day One. However, for the average blogger, it takes time, even years to garner a living. The longer you stick with it, posting diligently, sharing thoughts, stories and memories, along with photos, tips and advice, the better your chances of getting paid. Make your Gate One travel blogs matter and you might make some money. 5) Travel and write for yourself, if for no one else, travel blogs should be written for the writer and traveler themselves. You will want to remember as much about the journey as possible. Every detail mattered while you were living it, so you may as well document it for your own memory. It helps to think of travel blogs as a recorder. You are able to write and photograph your experiences for your own personal gain, whether it be for self satisfaction, or as a learning tool and memory keeper. When you write your own Gate One travel blogs you can remember the people you met, the places you saw and the adventures you experienced.

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