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One of the most popular outdoor activities across the country is camping. From public family campgrounds and camp resorts to bivy and tent camping off the beaten path, the great outdoors calls to many, and those who heed that call are in for adventure. Many people are introduced to the activity by way of family camping vacations at some point during their youth, and the tradition carries on through adulthood, until they begin their own family traditions of reveling in all that Mother Nature has to offer.

Family vacation summer camping trips

There are many different ways that you could choose to spend time with your family during your time off. But family camping vacations have a certain allure that many other vacation activities or environments offer. One of the best parts about family camping vacations is that you are not limited to one location, activity or daily routine. When you go camping, the world around you is open and waiting for you to explore it. The vast majority of campers, 87%, take part in multiple outdoor activities during their camping adventure. Depending where you decide to go, you could end up hiking, playing volleyball, going swimming or fishing, or even something crazy like paragliding.

Wide varieties of camping styles

About 70% of camping takes place in public campgrounds, which often have additional facilities and amenities. You could walk a few minutes from your campsite and come upon a pool, basketball or tennis courts, or a community picnic area. Most campgrounds are located near hiking trails, but are also close enough to a town that you do not have to feel like you are too disconnected. Spend a day losing yourself in the woods, then get cleaned up and head into town for a delicious meal at a local restaurant. You could experience the best of both worlds: the rustic natural life and the catered, civilized life as well!

People camp for any number of reasons. Everyone has their own personal style or their traditions that they will always stick to when it comes to their way of camping. But even considering the vast differences in camping preferences, the one thing that campers have in common is the love of camping! Some 47% of adult campers reported that they set out on camping trips simply because they loved to camp. Getting outdoors and away from the bustle of everyday life and the distractions of technology can do wonders!

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