Five Reasons to Charter a Bus

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Have you ever thought about charter bus travel as an alternative to taking a car? There are a lot of benefits to bus travel, and here are five of them you should know:

  1. Charter bus travel will save you and everyone else money If you?re trying to get everyone together for that family reunion, it can get really expensive really quickly to be flying or renting cars. The most economical choice is often to be found with motorcoach companies. They?re also an economical choice for companies that want to take a lot of employees somewhere but can?t ask each individual person to be spending the gas and wear and tear on their private vehicles to drive separately. But it?s not just the people in the coach bus who are saving: motorcoach travel costs about six cents in federal subsidies per passenger trip. Public transport costs 77 cents, commercial air travel $4.32, and Amtrack $46.06! When people rent a bus to travel, it’s a huge savings in taxpayer money.
  2. Charter buses average 206 miles to the gallon per passenger. Airline travel only gets 44 miles to the gallon per passenger. Trains clock in at a slightly better 92.4, but that?s still far more gasoline being burned per person than charter buses. Personal cars average just over 27 miles to the gallon per passenger, and even hybrids won?t do better than 46. Compared to all other forms of transport, motorcoaches are putting out the least carbon dioxide per passenger mile. And the next time you see a full motorcoach go by, remember that it’s keeping up to 55 individual cars off the road.
  3. Did you know that there are five times as many motorcoach terminals than airports in America? And there are six times as many bus terminals as rail terminals. You can?t get much more convenient than that. A charter bus is also very convenient when it comes to keeping a big group together while they travel and allowing everyone to enjoy the ride and each other rather than worrying about navigation. A rental bus will also take all the worry and angst out of parking at your destination.
  4. If you?re tired of cramming all your belongings into a tiny case and praying they?ll let you try to stuff it into an overhead compartment, you?ll be relieved to know that charter buses have a lot more storage space. You can take luggage, carry-ons, or plenty of snacks and drinks. Most buses also provide wifi and bathrooms at least as big as the ones on the plane (and usually bigger!). You can also direct your charter to stop as often as you like, so there?s always a chance for the kids to get their wiggles out, or Fido to take a walk. The reclining seats are more spacious and have more legroom than most regular plane seats, too.
  5. We all know the statistic that you?re more likely to be in a car accident then a plane wreck. Since a bus rental travels the same roads as cars, it might surprise you then to learn that charter bus travel actually has a better accident and injury record than any other form of travel you can choose.

These are just some of the benefits of traveling by charter bus; there are more. If you?re planning a big time out with the family, a company picnic, or a weekend away with a group of friends, look into how a charter bus can be the best way to travel.

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