Horseback Riding Options That Won’t Break the Bank

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Does your little one have equine obsession? If so, they aren’t alone. In fact, 37% of families say that horseback riding makes them happy while on vacation; that means horseback riding is brings joy to more families than any of the other things to do in the United States.

But if you fall on the lower end of the income spectrum, it can be difficult, if not downright impossible, to afford a trip to the horse farms. This guide is designed to provide you with ways to help ease the financial burden.

  1. Horse Leasing
    While this still requires more money than some of the other options, leasing a horse is a great way for some to spend time riding. This has the added value of being able to develop a bond with the horse, giving your child a sample of the deep bond that can grow between a horse and its rider.
  2. Work on the Farm
    If you happen to live near a stable, you can often ask the owners if they will trade labor for horse rides. While bailing out hey and cleaning up the stalls might not be glamorous, if has the added bonus of teaching your child that sometimes you have to work to get the things you most want.
  3. Discount and Special Programs
    It might not be fun to sign your child up for a class or program specifically targeting people of lesser means, but it does offer a great opportunity that your child might not otherwise have had. These programs also allow students to develop a their social skills with the others in the program.
  4. Public Events and Fairs
    While public fairs and events might not offer you child with a long term option for riding, they are a great way to test the waters. As any parent knows, most kids can change their mind quickly when their expectations don’t match with their desires. At a fair, your child will have the opportunity to try horseback riding before you have to spend a dollar.

While it might seem hard if you are struggling financially, with a little creativity, you can have your child competing in the horse shows in no time.
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