Lombok Property, A Good Investment Opportunity

Lombok land

Lombok is a picturesque island in western Indonesia. Lombok property has seen a recent boom with the development of hotels and beachfront homes. Lombok land for sale is popular for development of resorts and high end services. Lomboks proximity to popular tourist destination, Bali, has lead to some of its recent popularity. Near by Sumbawa land has also seen this recent development boom.

Lombok is often marketed as an unspoiled Bali, free of the tourist traps and high prices found on the sister island. Lombok and Sumbawa islands can be serviced by boat or by recently opened Lombok airport. Lombok and many surrounding islands depend on tourism for much of the national income.

Lombok property helps bolster this growing island industry. The west coast of the island is the most developed region of the island. Lombok property offers opportunity for development of all manor of accommodation from budget to luxury. High speed boat service allows visitors easy access to the many other islands in the area.

Owning your own piece of Lombok property can be difficult for those not native to Indonesia. Having the right agent working for you can make the process go much smoother. A Lombok property agent can help buyers with the cultural and language barriers as well as navigating the negotiation and purchase of land or buildings.

The President of Indonesia and the countries cultural Minister both are active in promoting the tourism industry in Lombok and Sumbawa. Lombok is currently the number two destination in Indonesia. With more than one million island visitors in 2012, Lombok is becoming a popular island destination. Island get aways are popular with vacationers looking to have a luxury experience in five star hotels, restaurants and spas. Indonesia also remains a popular destination for backpackers looking for adventure and mountain treks in the rain forest.

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