Remember These 5 Camping Activities During Your Family Camping Trip

Family camping trips

Springs brings excitement for many. There is excitement around the ability to leave your winter jacket and gloves at home. There is excitement in rolling down your windows and enjoying the warm wind. There is also excitement around the upcoming possibilities of summer vacation. Summer is a common time for vacations. Accept the excitement of spring and begin planning your summer camping vacation now. You may already have an idea of where you will camp and how long you will go for. However, take this time to also plan the specific activities and games you will do. These are the parts of camping that families tend to remember the most.

Athletic sports
Camping is usually done on large amounts of land. Even the wooded campgrounds give you expansive amounts of land to run and play. All of this extra space in the wooded campgrounds is the perfect opportunity to engage in some athletic sports. It can also be a great opportunity to teach children about different sports, such as football, soccer, and baseball. Create your own court or playing field, and remember to bring the necessary sporting equipment. Athletic sports get families running and playing together and can provide many wonderful memories.

Educational hikes
In spring 2008, the number of people who went hiking or backpacking within the last 12 months amounted to 29.23 million in the United States. By spring 2014, there were 38.05 million people who had gone hiking or backpacking in the last 12 months. Hiking is a great physical activity that many people do not have access to in their hometowns. Hiking requires large open spaces. Wood campgrounds and local camping sites are the perfect environment for hiking. Make the hiking even more exciting and educational by learning about the different plants and types of land that you hike through. Be sure to take a lot of breaks and capture the interesting sights on camera.

Tag and capture the flag games
There is a reason that young children love the games of tag and capture the flag. They are easy to learn, allow you to run around, and have a final goal. Release your inner childhood and participate in these types of games with your children. If you do not have children with you on your camping trip, play with local camping children. These games can be just as fun for adults, as they are for young children. Many camp resorts are in close proximity to other campers, which makes the perfect placement for large group games like these.

Swimming is another activity that many Americans enjoy thoroughly, but do not have easy access to. If you choose campgrounds near lakes, you will have many swimming opportunities. The lake can also be a great place to teach young children to swim, for the first time. Lakes are often shallow and if they are inland, are usually not to wavy for the beginner swimmers. Bring swim toys on your camping trip and introduce new swimming games to your family members.

Scary stories
Sitting around a campfire, telling scary stories is a classic part of family camping trips. Children often enjoy the ability to stay up late, especially outdoors. Just be sure that your scary stories are catered to the child?s age. You do not want to scare them too much that it gives them bad memories of the family vacation. Also, if your camping location is in the wooded campgrounds, this can make the stories even scarier for them.

Approximately 13% of adult participants camped because they wanted to spend more time with their families. Additionally, most camping, about 70%, is done in public wooded campgrounds. After your camping trip, it is likely that your family will be convinced to make this a yearly event after they experience family vacation campgrounds. As the excitement of spring approaches, begin planning your upcoming summer family camping trip. Focus on the specific activities and games that you and your family will participate in. The activities are really what makes the camping trip exciting.

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