The Perks of Owning a Vacation Home in Myrtle Beach

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You have decided to finally purchase that dream vacation home. You have planned on it for much of your life, and the time is finally right. Your kids are all off on their own, and you and your spouse are planning your retirements. You want to spend your retirement time in a location that is sunny and warm for much of the year. It would also be nice to have something with wonderful views of the ocean and many outdoor activities available. Myrtle Beach offers retirees with great pricing options in beach condo rentals and in permanent beach condos.

Oceanfront condos are often much desired because of their views and close access to the water and its many activities. They are also just a short walk to the beach. Additionally, many Myrtle Beach oceanfront condos are within walking distance to shopping, dining and other entertaining attractions. The most popular destinations for summer trips are the beach (45%), cities (42%), national parks (21%), lakes (17%), and resorts at (14%). This makes Myrtle Beach a very common tourist city during the summer and the spring months. It can be an exciting time to own a property and to visit the city with all of the hustle and bustle of the city.

In addition to the obvious benefits of owning beach condos, retirees may wonder what to do with their condo when they are not using it. They will be forced to make monthly payments on a property that they may not be using for the entire year. Fortunately, because of the popular destination of Myrtle Beach and its many attractions, condos can make great beach condo rentals. Many travelers today prefer to stay in condos over pricy and inconvenient hotels. A home condo can easily be turned into vacation rentals. In fact, 45% of Americans take a summer vacation, making the summer a great time to rent out vacation condo rentals. Considering that Myrtle Beach is in a warmer state with not very drastic winters, many travelers may choose to visit the city during the fall and winter months, as well. Condo owners can utilize their beach condo rentals during the seasons they wish to travel and then rent it out during the slower months to other vacationists.

The top 5 reasons that leisure travelers choose vacation rentals as an alternative to staying in a traditional hotel or resort are value for price (94%), privacy (90%), full kitchen facilities (87%), amenities (84%), and more space overall (81%). Those with beach condo rentals located in a popular city such as Myrtle Beach will find a high demand for their property. They will find that people are willing to pay to rent the condo out for a vacation in lieu of a hotel rental.

Summer is the most popular season for vacations. People prefer to travel when it is warm. Myrtle Beach is a popular summer vacation destination and although it is home to many hotels, many of the travelers prefer to spend their vacations in beach condo rentals. A retiree who is looking for a vacation home will find a great investment in an oceanfront condo that they can use during the months they want to vacation and then rent out to other travelers during the months they do not wish to travel. Myrtle Beach is a famous vacation destination and creates a large demand for oceanfront condos.

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