Three Ways Upgraded Technology Improve Airline Sales

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Many businesses today are implementing advanced technology into their business plans for increased revenue. The aircraft industry is no different. You will notice that airline businesses are often the first to introduce new technology to their customers. Customers have come to expect this level of technology and it has proven successful in improving revenue in the following ways.

Increased ticket sales
When customers know that they are going to have all of the technological conveniences they require during travel, they are more likely to book with a specific airline company. Minimal expectations are also a factor, with WiFi being expected on most air flights. According to TripAdvisor?s 2013 Air Travel Survey, 25% of respondents would choose one airline over another if it offered WiFi. Customers want to stay connected to their devices, even during air travel.

Increased ticket sales can also come from more convenient booking and checking in. The majority of airline traveler?s today book over the internet. Without easy internet booking, a traveler is likely to choose another airline. Additionally, passengers want the check in process to be simple. Allowing a traveler to check in from their mobile device increases the convenience of the trip, and thus the satisfaction of the passenger.

Increased revenue from food sales
Everyone remembers the days when peanuts and soft drinks were free during air travel. However, with budget cuts and a greater attention to profits, many airlines have cut these free amenities. While it is not necessarily important to offer free food and drink to passengers, it is important to make the purchase process simple. If a passenger has to flag down an air flight attendant and go through an entire order process, they are unlikely to purchase anything on the flight. However, if the passenger can easily order food and drinks from their in flight entertainment system, they are much more likely to place an order. This increased convenience for the customer will almost always result in increased revenue from food sales.

Entertainment profits
More than 3 out of 4 domestic trips taken are for leisure purposes (78%). When travelers are in vacation mode, they are likely to spend more on things like entertainment. Having advanced aircraft display systems, such as in flight entertainment systems can also increase profits. Many travelers enjoy reading, watching movies, or surfing the web during travel. The quality of the IFE monitors will set the tone for how much it is used and how much is spent during the air flight.

The specific type of in flight entertainment system is perhaps, the biggest indicator of revenue from additional sales. When purchasing aircraft display systems as a buyer, it is necessary to purchase one that meets the everyday traveler?s needs. You can usually view these aircraft display systems at aircraft interiors expos. According to eDreams reviews worldwide in 2014, Emirates was considered to have the best in flight entertainment, with a score of 4.48 out of five. An airline that is looking to significantly improve their additional profits should first focus on replacing the aircraft display systems for travelers.

When a customer wants to book air travel, they have many options. The decision is often made after considering price, travel routes, and conveniences. While your airline price and routes might be set in stone, there is usually some room for convenience improvement. Offering easy booking, check in process, and in flight purchases is a great way to better reach the customer and increase revenue sales. Additionally, upgrading the airplane display system can encourage entertainment sales, also adding revenue to the profitable bottom line.

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