Why A Wedding Anniversary in Alaska Is Just What Your Marriage Needs

Is romance dead? Unfortunately, that’s an ever-popular statement, even among married couples! According to a study by eharmony, one in seven married men and women describe romance as dead. Up to 67% of those surveyed longed for more romance in their lives.

One of the perfect ways to infuse marriages with some much-needed romance is to do something special for your anniversary. With miles and miles of striking blue glaciers, tens of snow-topped peaks, and 70 active volcanoes, Alaska is the thrilling, romantic destination you and your spouse are searching for! Here is what to expect from a special anniversary event in Alaska.

Experience Things From A Different View: Flightseeing Alaska

There is a lot of Alaska to see. Alaska is home to 20 of the highest mountaintops in the United States. According to Alaska Public Land Information Centers, Alaska boasts over 100,000 glaciers, covering as much as 29 thousand square miles of the state! Alaska is home to ice fields, hot springs, and the midnight sun. Rich wildlife runs through Alaska. Wildlife that you cannot see anywhere else, like salmon, otters, moose, and whales.

It can be difficult to see it all on foot. Make sure you see all that Alaska has to offer with convenient flightseeing trips or glacier helicopter tours. Why is flightseeing the perfect way to do something special for your anniversary? Study after study shows that couples who try new things and experience new things together are happier.

Do Something New: Experience Alaska By Dog Sledding

Speaking of new experiences, many of us have not had the pleasure of dog sledding before. Experience something truly new with your spouse this anniversary by touring Alaska by dogsled. Dogsledding is a treasured Alaskan tradition–something you do not want to miss on your trip! Dogsled tours are the perfect way to get an entirely different view of snow and glaciers, one where you are literally speeding alongside them.

Make sure to adequately prepare for your dogsled tour. At minimum, pack a windproof, waterproof jacket to stay comfortable. Especially warm pants, thermal underwear, and/or snowpants are not a bad idea, either. Call ahead to ask about footwear. Some tours provide appropriate footwear, while others may ask you to bring your own. Plus, you do not have to plan your anniversary around a dogsledding trip! Since helicopters are able to pick you up and bring you to glaciers and snow-topped mountains, it is more than possible to enjoy dogsledding at any time of year, even during summer.

Set Aside Time For Romance: Romantic Lodges And Walks In The Woods

Finally, remember that it’s your anniversary! New experiences equate to strong relationships and stronger romances. That doesn’t mean it isn’t wise to set aside some time for more traditional romantic ventures. Alaska is the perfect place to plan a romantic getaway with adventure-filled days and quiet nights back at a cabin or lodge with breathtaking views and a cozy fire in the fireplace.

Spend the day taking a romantic walk in the woods along the Flattop Mountain Trail, or opt for more challenging 11-mile trails winding along Alaska’s beautiful terrain and mountains. Spend the night snuggled close with hot chocolate or glass of wine.

Who says romance is dead? Keep romance alive. Do something special for your anniversary. People in America are getting married later in life, but staying married longer. Count yourself among the happily married, long-lived couples with romantic anniversaries, like an anniversary in Alaska.

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